Good looking and eco-friendly sustainable sneakers, why not wear them?

While the fashion industry creates dreams for us and brings us aesthetic enjoyment, it also brings great pressure to environmental protection. Those wastes that have been eliminated because of outdated are gradually becoming a nightmare for the earth. Continuing the explosion of sports shoes in recent years, a new turn has emerged.

Sustainable sports shoes, as the name suggests, are shoes that are environmentally friendly and conducive to sustainable development. Because they are made of renewable materials, they can greatly reduce the loss of the natural environment during the production process. Don’t think that this kind of “reborn from garbage” sneakers are empty gimmicks. In fact, they are not only as good as ordinary shoes in performance, but also can easily control various styles of wear. This time VOGUE is also dedicated to different styles. Sustainable sports shoes have been filmed in the hope of helping the environment.

As soon as autumn arrives, Beijing is at its most beautiful season, and everyone is again fascinated by various outdoor sports, especially mountaineering. While exercising, you can enjoy the red leaves all over the mountains. However, what does it matter if the scenery is good-looking, and the outfit must be adequate to suit the situation. Therefore, the mountain style outfit has become the most popular and popular style of clothing recently, and a pair of good-looking and practical sustainable sneakers plays a role in it. important role.

For example, the new shoe Nike ISPA Link that Nike plans to launch is a good choice. The cool appearance is in line with the tonality of mountain wear, dark brown with dark green, retro with some playfulness and a sense of the future.

In order to achieve 100% decomposability, each part of this shoe adopts an interlocking modular design, and does not use any glue or adhesive, and this new technology also ensures the shoe’s strength and wear resistance. . At the end of the shoe’s useful life, materials will be more easily processed, recycled and reused, enabling a better transition to a circular economy.

Hunter, who has always adhered to the purpose of sustainable development, and under the Hunter Protect environmental protection plan, continues to introduce more environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials to create positive changes for the world. The Explorer series is one of the important series. This outdoor boot shoe The tongue is surrounded by a thick layer of lamb’s wool. Even if we go up the mountain in winter, we don’t have to be afraid of the severe cold. We will accompany us through the ice and snow, and through the forest.

There is also Salomon, which also specially launched a “sneakers that focus on climate change and are born for environmental protection”. This is the XT-6 MINDFUL whose upper is made of at least 30% recycled materials such as PET bottles.

The XT-6 MINDFUL sneakers are given a whole body beige color, which continues the iconic off-road tradition of the Salomon family in appearance. It is also very user-friendly design.

In addition to beige, XT-6 MINDFUL also has many other colors to choose from. For example, Bai Jingting used refreshing and clean white sustainable sneakers with a set of spliced-colored jackets and cool narrow-brimmed sunglasses. It is a mountain style outfit. The standard template is correct.

In addition to outdoor sports such as mountaineering, the gym is also a place where our sports girls often go in and out. Good-looking fitness outfits also add points to your image when exercising. Compared with the shoes you wear for mountaineering, the sports shoes you wear when you are exercising look more concise. light.

That’s the case with Lululemon’s Strongfeel Women’s Training Shoe, which, despite being lightweight, combines strength training with explosive movements without having to change shoes.

A lightweight, supportive upper gives us stability on jumps and lateral movements. Because there are a variety of colors, it also provides more possibilities for matching, but the most gentle color is this “brown rose”.

There is also a sports shoe brand from France, VEJA, which has also launched an environmentally friendly sports shoe called Impala. It has the characteristics of lightness, flexibility and stability. It is very suitable for running on the treadmill, gym exercise and Crossfit training. What is more commendable is that , the iconic “V” on the side of the shoe and a variety of low-saturation color schemes add a bit of urban modernity to this pair of shoes. It only needs to be matched with simple sports clothes to be a comfortable and fashionable fitness outfit.

Of course, when you go to the gym, you don’t necessarily have to do intense exercise, you can also have a soothing yoga session. We may need to keep bare feet on the yoga mat. At this time, Hunter and UGG’s slip-on sneakers that are easy to put on and take off may be sent. came in handy.

Even if you don’t go to the gym, you should always maintain a graceful posture when running outdoors.

And, because of the uncertainty of outdoor conditions,

Therefore, outdoor fitness has higher requirements for sports shoes.

One of the founders of the eco-friendly footwear brand Allbird

Tim Brown was a professional

Athletes, so it is clear that professional

What characteristics should sports shoes have.

At the same time, his collaborators are in-depth

Research on renewable materials and sustainable consumption

Chemical Engineer Joey Zwillinger,

This also allows Allbird’s sneakers to have

Lots of eco-friendly colors.

Of course, you must remember to stretch after running. This is an essential link after all sports, and it can also help us build a better body shape.

This pair of sustainable sneakers on Tan Jianci’s feet is from Ang Pao. In addition to the refreshing blue, there are also light goose yellow and a variety of colors such as pink orange for us to choose from~

The essence of campus wear is to ensure a full sense of youth and vitality. Usually canvas shoes and sneakers are easier to meet this requirement.

When it comes to canvas shoes, I have to mention Converse. After all, who doesn’t have a few pairs of them in their youth?

Whether it is a handsome senior riding on the campus boulevard, or a sports girl who likes hip-hop, they all like to wear Converse canvas shoes to “swagger”. The most important thing is that no matter how it is matched, there is a vigor and vitality in the campus.

For everyone who likes Converse, its new sustainable canvas shoes are also not to be missed. The pink appearance looks very soft at first glance, but the old yellowed rubber sole and the graffiti-style handwritten slogan make the It has more possibilities.

And this one from Golden Goose is also very suitable for school wear. It is a simple style of sneakers without too much decoration, so it is very similar to the shoes worn by “good” students who love to read in school. It can even be worn with a black suit. Wear well-behaved feeling.

In addition to all white, there are also side black styles to choose from, and the addition of this black side has also greatly improved the recognition of the shoes.

In addition to canvas shoes and skate shoes, Martin shoes are also a very common element in campus wear, which is what we call college style wear. This is the case with this Martin shoe in Hogan’s environmental protection series. The upper is made of durable canvas. The material and leather are spliced ​​together, with a well-behaved shoe shape, a very everyday one.

In addition to short models, there are also long models to choose from. The two shoe types can be easily controlled whether they are paired with jeans or straight-leg pants.

In addition to Martin shoes, another shoe in its environmental protection series is also very popular, but the style is more sports-oriented, which is more suitable for students who like sports on campus.

For example, after Wang Hedi put on these shoes, he immediately brought people back to the campus era, much like the hidden senior Sunshine in the college community who is actually very good at playing basketball.

With so many styles of sustainable sneakers out there, which one is your favorite? While enjoying the comfort and fashion brought by sports shoes, it also practices the concept of environmental protection, why not do it?

Editor: Regina

Still Life Photography: Pacoke Yip

Written by: Soda

Design: Lele