Good “gas”! Zhang Xincheng’s irresistible peach gravity

Zhang Xincheng, who vividly interprets each role, enters the “charging mode” when he is not filming, reads books, practices calligraphy, makes coffee, slows down the pace of life, calmly listens to his inner voice, and saves again in the time of Enron. Departure energy.

Camping is one of Zhang Xincheng’s essential activities in his spare time. It is not difficult for him to set up a tent outdoors and cook alone. Enjoying the beautiful scenery under the sunset, enjoying the romance and purity under the stars, breathing in nature, Zhang Xincheng draws the nutrients of his fullness from it. The moment of chasing the sunrise, the breeze came, and the hair fluttered gently with the wind, restarting the true self.

On his 27th birthday this year, Brother Ben shared his answer to 74 questions from fans. When talking about keeping the freshness of life, he said to do whatever comes to his mind and not to suppress his thoughts. Maintain curiosity, Zhang Xincheng still has his original intention since his debut.

Zhang Xincheng became the spokesperson of Siyun. He selected precious natural ingredients and integrated them into hair care. He advocated the concept of making hair and mood to achieve natural harmony and beauty, and he likes nature and is full of enthusiasm for life. coincidentally.

Another way of Zhang Xincheng’s “continuity” energy comes from his love of sports. In an interview, he gave advice to sports fans: first do some simple movements to get moving, and then persevere in perseverance.

The sweating state after exercising will give Zhang Xincheng a sense of accomplishment. After that, he will change clothes and bathe in time to restore his cool and handsome appearance.

In the formula of the Silky Sweet White Peach Wash series derived from natural white peach, the “beauty lotion”-like peach kernel oil can effectively repair damage, reduce breakage and split ends, and make hair stronger, fuller and more elastic. With peach fruit extract with excellent maintenance power, the hair after washing is smooth and easy to comb, the gloss is obviously improved, moist and supple, and the sweet white peach fruit fragrance is lasting for a long time.

The translucent peach-pink bottle of White Peach Light Essence Softening Essential Oil is also tailored for peach girls. It is light and non-sticky. It is quickly absorbed when applied to the hair, which enhances the soft texture of the hair and can resist the heat damage of daily care.

The white peach series with a unique and special peach flavor makes every girl become a peach girl with vitality in seconds after using it. When she looks back at the moment she flips her hair, she is confident and light, and has an indescribable peach attraction!

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The lingering peach energy makes people have a steady stream of good energy throughout the day!

Whether it is Pei Zhi, the cool and short-haired tyrant in “Basic Law of Genius”, Cheng Cheng who combs his back to revenge for love in “The Cloister Pavilion”, or Li Zhenyan, Zhang Xincheng, the music prince with short hair in “Snail and Oriole” Not only does he switch freely among various roles with his excellent acting skills, but each of his hairstyles also adds a different charm to the character.

Zhang Xincheng is fresh and cheerful in daily life, and his short and broken hair vividly shows a full-scale youthful feeling.

Play with a variety of shapes,

Hold the silk of various styles to make the hairstyle more stylish!

Zhang Xincheng, who pays attention to the natural feeling when taking care of his hair, likes to use the newly upgraded Silk Yun styling series to quickly complete his daily styling. Si Yun, who advocates Japanese natural and simple style aesthetics, uses a unique modeling series to satisfy the desire of the public to “make it effortless and outstanding” on commuting days.

In the silky strong shaping series that enhances the styling and three-dimensional sense of short hair, it contains Japanese seaweed ingredients. The strong hair gel with 8-level styling power is instantly refreshing and quick-drying, and it is cool and handsome in any environment. Different marine fragrances soothe the mind and body, making it easy to achieve a confident commute look.

The long-lasting series with Japanese yuzu ingredients is not only quick-drying and refreshing, but also makes the hairstyle lighter and fluffy. The 24-hour long-lasting styling power of the long-lasting hair gel is always on-line, and it freezes every ideal look that makes others unforgettable.

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