Gongsun Li’s popularity is fake, he ranked first in the popularity list for the comeback, but not in the top five in actual voting

The 7th anniversary of King’s Glory’s return has basically settled, and the first five hero skins are Sun Xingzhe, Encounter Huxuan, Alien Spirit Deed, Shiyutiansi and Daizong. Gongsun Li, who is ranked 6th, seems very fake in popularity. He ranks first in the popularity list of the comeback, but he is not in the top five in actual voting.


Before the 7th anniversary vote, Gongsun Li’s Qi Xueling was very upset. It’s not surprising that Monkey, Diaochan, Zhuge Liang, and Sun Shangxiang were very popular. In the past, the popularity votes of King Glory were in the front row, but Dian Wei Daizong once had the votes. Surpassing Zhuge Liang is the real dark horse. Although Zhuge Liang eventually overtook him, Dian Wei is still ahead of Gongsunli by 3 million votes.

What is outrageous is that, looking at the official call list for the 7th anniversary skin return from King Camp, Gongsun Li is the No. 1 in the return list. Comparing the actual voting data, the actual vote is not in the top five. The popularity of King Camp Gongsun Li is said to be yes. Fake is not an exaggeration.

The popularity list of the 7th anniversary skins in the King’s Camp is also calculated based on the players calling their favorite skins. Ali crushed other hero skins with 600,000 popularity, three times the popularity of monkeys, but compared to the real ones in the game The voting data shows the real popularity gap between heroes.


In fact, Gongsunli’s popularity in the camp is so high, it’s a bit fake, the main players of Gongsunli are all in the top game, and there are 20 Gongsunli national clothes in the top 100 peak, just the hero strength of Ali, the experience server has weakened the imprint and Ad damage, there are still a lot of players saying that Gongsun Li is weak and can’t play. It can be seen that players who play Gongsun Li and players who fan Gongsun Li are completely two groups.

This is also the case with Yang Yuhuan. The player group is loud, and the actual player base is not many.


King of Glory is in the full rank, who has the most players Dian Wei and Gongsunli? This question can be figured out with the toes. The player base determines the upper limit of Gongsunli’s popularity. There is a group of loyal hero fans who benefit from the previous seasons. Dancing CG, and Chang’an race year, Gongsunli has a lot of good-looking fans, although it is very strange, but there is a group of players who can’t play Gongsunli and Yang Yuhuan, but they like these two heroes.


There are not many people who play Gongsun Li, who simply likes the image of a hero, so this popularity base is much worse than that of Dianwei. At least the players who vote for Dianwei have a stereotyped image of a mature uncle who persistently plays Dianwei and catches Luban every day, not to mention There is also the popularity of Monkey King, a monkey, with its own national ip.

Therefore, Gongsun Li, in the image of a top hero, has not many players but it is not easy to have such popularity. Now the sixth place in the return voting is the best data obtained by Ah Li in the return voting. When the tangerine returns, the real voice is loud and the votes are small.


Let’s look at Dian Wei on the 7th anniversary. This is a real dark horse. There may be a butterfly effect brought about by time changes. For example, on the 5th anniversary, Zhuang Zhouyun and Qinglongzhi grabbed the third place. The gentian, Feiheng votes are higher than Daizong.

Therefore, Dian Wei was originally expected to be one of the few accompanying heroes, but the actual number of votes just won the highly vocal A Li, surpassing the two handsome guys Zhao Yun and Han Xin. It is indeed a victory for the unknown player Dian Wei. .