[Golden Sentence Collection] Are AR glasses popular again?

Entering 2022, under the strong blessing of the concept of “metaverse”, AR glasses have not only received attention in commercial scenarios, but also received widespread attention in the consumer market.

Standing at an important node in the development of AR glasses, how can we more professionally interpret the current development prospects of AR glasses in the domestic consumer market and B-end market? At present, what technologies are leading the commercial implementation and development of AR glasses, a cutting-edge technology product? How to better combine AR technology with the consumer-grade “metaverse” industry and the industrial “metaverse” industry?

At 7 pm on October 28th, Meike.com held an online sharing event with the theme of ” AR glasses are on fire again?” The technology, products and business development of AR glasses were discussed in depth.

On this basis, Meike.com also refined it according to the sharing of guests, and sorted out a golden sentence to share: