GOG GALAXY game store launched Epic game store, two games for a limited time

IT House news on October 28th, according to Epic official news, the GOG GALAXY application has landed on the Epic game store.

GOG GALAXY allows players to discover a wide range of hand-picked classic games and the latest hits from the recent past, and play them offline. Also create your library of cross-platform games: run, play and manage your games on many platforms including GOG and Epic Games.

official introduction;

【Explore the treasure trove with more than 4500 games】

The GOG GALAXY free app opens doors and invites you to freely explore the GOG platform with thousands of games. From once-popular classics, high-quality indie games to the latest hits, you’ll always find what you love here.

【Create your cross-platform game library】

With official and community-created integrations, you can use GOG GALAXY to manage your games on different platforms into one powerful, gorgeous game library.

Once you’ve imported all your games from GOG, the Epic Games Store, and other platforms, you can install and play any PC game you own, track all achievements, play time, and total games, and even see your friends’ online status and progress games to play.

【Re-experience or witness various classic games for the first time (Good Old Games)】

With GOG GALAXY, you can travel back in time to relive or witness for the first time the vast history of PC gaming.

Discover iconic pieces that are acclaimed as timeless classics. Among them are the timeless and enduring masterpieces, the characteristic games that carry forward a certain game mechanism, and the pioneering works that create a new game type. Even those games that were released years ago, you can dig deeper. We’ve made these games work on modern PCs, so you can open up these old games and bring them back to life.

【Respect your need for ownership】

GOG is DRM-free, allowing you to easily re-download games, back them up to an external hard drive, and play single-player mode locally without connecting to the Internet or a remote server.

IT Home has learned that the Deluxe Edition of Genesis Alpha One is now available for free on the GOG platform. This event lasts until October 30th at 9:00 pm Beijing time. From 9:00 pm on October 31st to 9:00 pm on November 3rd, Beijing time, you can also claim the “Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection” for free from the GOG platform.

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