God please? Brother Crystal and professional brother have a disadvantage in scoring together, but I didn’t expect to invite God K

Recently, Brother Crystal played csgo with RA professional brother during the live broadcast. Although in the professional arena, the strength of the RA professional is really only in the middle level, but in the passerby game, the RA professional is still quite strong, so the crystal brother plays csgo with the RA professional this time. One thigh, secure the top score.

But what is surprising is that after entering the game, although the RA professional brother has good strength, because the strength and state of the other players are not very good, the crystal brother is also at a disadvantage. After seeing that the team was at a disadvantage, Brother Crystal was also a little anxious, and slowly entered the state and began to operate seriously. After destroying the team, Brother Crystal said bluntly that he had already asked God for this wave!

Seeing Brother Crystal say this, many viewers were also dubious. After all, Brother Crystal also said that he invited God, but he didn’t expect to ask God to fail. After several violent deaths, the team directly played GG. This time, although Brother Crystal has a highlight operation, but I haven’t seen the end, it’s really hard to say what God Brother Crystal invited this time.

In the following several waves of pulling, Brother Crystal made a big mistake, which caused him to be directly killed by the opponent. This also made Brother Crystal madly ridiculed himself, saying that this wave of inviting gods was quite successful. The good news is that he did invite gods, and the bad news is that he invited a god! Seeing Brother Crystal ridiculing himself like this, the audience also expressed that this wave is true to understand the whole work.

In the end, when the team had a relatively large disadvantage, relying on the performance of RA’s professional brother, Crystal’s side still won the victory relatively easily. But in fact, when no one else was doing much, the pressure was indeed put on the RA professional brother, and the crystal brother wanted to share a little pressure, but because he asked God to ask, he could only watch the RA professional brother show. Operate, you can’t do anything about it! So what do the audience think about this time Brother Crystal invites God to K?