“God of War 5” physical version of the game sneaked away! Games must reserve at least 91GB of space

  ”God of War 5″ will land on the PS5 and PS4 platforms on November 9, and will start pre-loading on November 2. This game is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated annual masterpieces by PS players around the world, and now, with the release of As the day approaches, it seems that the game has already sneaked away in advance.

  A player on the Reddit forum showed us the physical version of the “God of War 5” game he got ahead of time, let’s take a look!

  When we opened the box, we saw that there was a poster and a Blu-ray disc. The poster was printed with Lord Kui and his son Atreus. Shows the game content that can be unlocked by pre-ordering “God of War 5”: Kratos blizzard armor and Atreus blizzard tunic (appearance props). It should be noted that these props need to advance the story to unlock.

  In addition, the back of the game box also shows that at least 91GB of hard disk space should be reserved for this game. It looks like this Blu-ray disc is also full of content.