“God of War 5” early experience report: still one shot to the end, there are still gameplay breakthroughs

The mountain monster has returned, and the mountain monster has been killed.

As of today, I have experienced God of War: Ragnarok (hereafter referred to as God of War 5) for hours in advance.

Limited to confidentiality requirements, we can’t talk about any plot and process for the time being, and the gameplay can only reveal a part of the beginning of the game. But even such a section with limited content can still give us a glimpse of the overall quality of “God of War 5”.

As a game that dates back to 4 years ago, when I started the first year of junior high school, I was worried about whether I could remember the plot of the previous game and connect with the original emotions. Fortunately, “God of War 5” also took this situation into consideration, and attached a “Review of the Past” option before the “New Game” button on the main interface, taking players to an official version of “Watching “God of War 4 in a few minutes”. “”.

The camera movement method of “God of War 5” this time still follows the well-received one-shot of the previous work. Including a fast-paced action performance a few minutes after I first entered the game, the shock brought by the end of the scene brought me back to the familiar feeling of playing “God of War 4” back then.

But this familiarity is the same on the screen. Probably due to the cross-generational game status, the graphics of “God of War 5” has not improved much compared to the PS5-optimized version of “God of War 4”. In terms of modeling accuracy and character expressions, it can be seen that “God of War 5” has taken another step forward, but the overall picture level of “God of War 4” is still the same, perhaps this is also necessary to take care of PS4 players. compromise.

On PS5, “God of War 5” can maintain a stable 60 frames at 4K resolution after turning on “performance priority”; but under “picture priority”, it basically cannot reach 4K60 frames, and can only maintain a level of about 45 frames by visual inspection. .

As for the combat system that is also the same as the previous work, the combat feel of “God of War 5” has changed a lot.

Almost from the very beginning of the game flow, God of War 5 gave the player the choice of two weapons, the Chaos Blade and the Leviathan Axe. The various combat styles of the two weapons are similar to those of the previous game, and the combination of weapon accessories and gems gives players the space to build their own routines.

The difference is that the battle of “God of War 5” made me feel a stronger sense of rhythm.

Previously, the all-purpose shield that could block and bounce back, this time there are two styles of small shields that emphasize the shield and large shields that emphasize the shield. In the attack methods of monsters, there are more tyrannical movements that cannot be interrupted, which also makes me use shield movements more frequently, instead of relying on the high hardness and brainless output of weapons.

Shield in the form of a large shield

Especially in the talent of two weapons, there is also a branch that can use the abnormal status of one weapon to increase the damage of the other weapon. For example, when I set the enemy on fire with the Chaos Blade, I can do more damage by cutting out an axe and slashing monsters, and vice versa. Compared with the setting of switching weapons according to the enemy’s attributes in the previous game, it can encourage players to use two weapons to fight, and they can play more tricks while switching frequently to make more profits.

The widely criticized monster skin changing problem in God of War 4 has completely disappeared according to my current progress. At least I have not encountered a skin changing BOSS yet. The “Best Supporting Actor” mountain monster in the last season only appeared once in “God of War 5”. But just when I shouted “Is it finally here?”, it was immediately killed by the plot.

I think it’s because the production team knows that players are very afraid of the reappearance of the mountain monster’s skin-changing tragedy. When the production resources of this work are more abundant, let it be used as a sacrificial flag for players to vent their anger.

In terms of puzzle solving, “God of War 5” still maintains the consistent high level of the series.

Although I got two weapons in the early stage this time, there are still many puzzles and rewards in the initial map that require unknown unlocking methods, waiting for players to re-explore later. Some of the collectibles in “God of War 4” that are only linked to achievements also have substantial prop rewards in this work, which should make non-achievement players also interested in collecting them.

But unfortunately, I can only talk about the gameplay here. In addition to the steady upgrade of the basic combat system, there are actually many new things in the game, and some of them are even new forms that completely break through the big framework of “God of War 4”. “God of War 5” in terms of combat and gameplay, it seems that there is no need to worry at present.

On the contrary, it is the BUG problem that I did not expect much before, which caused me a little worry in this beta version. In my progress of less than 10 hours, I have encountered 3 bugs that made me have to quit the game.

In addition to a problem that directly caused the error to crash, the other two bugs together reminded me of the famous “Black Dream” bug in “Cyberpunk 2077”.

I don’t know if it’s because I use the PS5’s standby function too frequently. After opening the game in a standby mode, the UI in the upper left corner of the screen is dark. Reading the file to other progress will not solve the problem, but the in-game operations, sounds and subtitles are all running normally, and will not return to normal until the PS5 is restarted.

Another bug is that the interactive button in the plot does not appear somewhere. Coincidentally, the plot here also told me not to act without authorization, so I stood by and waited for an NPC to play an instrument, thinking that he should be able to continue after his performance, and held the words “This plot performance is really experimental. I listened to the idea of ​​”sex” silently for 5 minutes, and finally realized that I solved the problem by reading the file.

Even considering that the current version is a beta version, the frequency of bugs in “God of War 5” is not low. I hope that these problems can be solved as soon as possible after the first day patch is released. After all, the impact of the “Black Dreams” on the game experience has never been irreversible.

Finally, I have to mention that there is also the amazing performance of the PS5 handle in “God of War 5”. Every player who has experienced the PS5’s built-in game “Universal Robot Wireless Controller User Guide” is well aware of the potential of the PS5 handle’s adaptive vibration, and “God of War 5” has fully utilized this potential.

Different weapons in the game can “cut out” different feel, and the strength of certain actions can be reflected in the feedback of the adaptive trigger. The vibration of the handle can give different degrees of feedback. It can be said that this is the best “PS5 controller promotion game” I have experienced since “Space Robot”.

In general, “God of War 5” still maintains the high level of “God of War 4” in terms of gameplay, graphics and performance, and on this basis, it has tried to make some breakthroughs in gameplay. As for the plot and narrative that also determine the quality of the game, we will leave it to the article we will bring later, and let’s talk about Lord Kui’s last journey in Northern Europe.