Go to the shadows with us – “Return of Overwatch” Halloween Horror

Go to the shadows with us – “Return of Overwatch” Halloween Horror

It’s that time of year when the fear is rampant again – Halloween is back in Overwatch. From October 26th, come and meet the shocking surprise, experience the new limited-time co-op mission “Revenge of the Rat: Bride’s Wrath”, and win exciting rewards such as spray paint, name tags, pendants and more. There are also a variety of skins including the new “Lingli Witch Mist Pack” on the store. Don’t forget to receive free login benefits: “Death” legend skin, first aid kit pendant.

New multiplayer co-op missions available for a limited time

Dr. Junkrat’s malevolent saga opens a new chapter in the all-new limited-time co-op mission “Revenge of the Rat: Wrath of the Bride.” Players will return to Adlersbrunn with four new faces to experience an all-new story, where Junkrat’s bride descends to avenge her dead creator. The anniversary of the mad doctor’s revenge is approaching day by day, read directly [the paper on the table of Lord Adlersbrunn] to learn about this year’s activities.

Complete challenges to unlock a host of special rewards, including the Adlersbrunn Nightfall plaque, Jack-o’-lantern pendants, Battle Pass XP, and other creepy rewards. The original Rat Revenge co-op brawl will return for a limited time during Halloween 2022, and Dr. Junkrat himself will be back on stage.

From October 26th to November 9th, join heroes from all walks of life to face the mighty horrors, defend Eichenwald – or die in the bride’s vengeance.

New Skin Packs Arrive The Witch Mizuki

During Halloween Horror, Mizuko’s new skin “Lingli Witch Kiriko Gift Pack” will be available. In addition, there are more new skins and gift packs on the store and hero interface.

Get Free Login Rewards, Double XP

In addition to the spooky festival activities, don’t forget to log in to “Return” of “Overwatch” from October 26th to the end of the first season to receive free login rewards – a new legendary skin: the cursed captain “Reaper”, a new pendant: first aid kit . At the same time, the Double EXP weekend event will also start again from October 29th to October 31st.

We’re excited to continue the tale of Rat’s Revenge in the Bride’s Wrath event, the first Halloween Horror event for Overwatch’s “Return”, and we look forward to spending a long, spooky night with you all!

Face the wrath of the bride, if you have the guts.