Go to the grassroots level in the new year|The Chinese New Year flower market has a strong “year taste”

During the Spring Festival holiday, the flower market is extremely lively. Walking into the Xisanjiao Flower Market in the Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang, Hebei, you can see flowers blooming everywhere, and the hall is crowded with people. All kinds of flowers that symbolize wealth and auspiciousness are placed in conspicuous positions by merchants for citizens to choose.

The reporter visited many places in Hebei and saw that prosperous and festive New Year’s Eve flowers such as Phalaenopsis, Rhododendron, and Cymbidium have become the protagonists of the Spring Festival consumer market, and the New Year flower market is filled with a strong “New Year flavor”.

At the Xisanjiao flower market, people who came to buy flowers stopped and went, some asked the stall owners about the price from time to time, some discussed planting methods, and some stopped to take pictures. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Zhang Huiying took her grandson to the flower market, bought Youlongmei and daffodils, and bought a few pots of “grass dolls” and succulents for her children. “It’s Chinese New Year, buy some flowers and put them in the living room, add some decorations to the home, and bring good luck to the new year.” Zhang Huiying said.

Customers buy flowers at the Xisanjiao Flower Market in Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang. Published by Xinhua News Agency (photo by Chen Qibao)

At the Spring Festival Flower Market, a batch of novel flower varieties appeared, adding new ideas to the Spring Festival Flower Market. “In addition to the common potted flowers, North American holly and heather are new products this year, and the sales are also very good.” Li Shengpu, a merchant in the flower market of Xisanjiao, said that during the Spring Festival, the number of customers was three or four times higher than usual, and the daily sales volume was 100%. Above 10,000 yuan.

“Starting from New Year’s Day, the business in the market has gradually heated up. The New Year’s Eve flowers that decorate the family and create a festive atmosphere have become the New Year’s goods favored by many citizens.” Wang Limin, the flower market manager of Xisanjiao, said that at present, there are more than 200 varieties of potted flowers in the market. During the Spring Festival, the sales and purchases are booming, which indicates that the market will be steadily improving this year.

In the Hengmei International Huadu Boutique Pavilion in Yongqing County, Langfang City, the air outlet of the electric fan continued to supply air. Although the weather is cold outside, the flower market is full of spring.

Customers buy flowers in Yongqing Hengmei International Flower Capital. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Feng Weijian

Merchant Zhang Xinghua held a mobile phone and made video calls with out-of-town flower dealers, introducing this year’s new products one by one, busy with orders for the New Year. Seeing a customer entering the store, she hung up the phone and warmly recommended the “new favorite” of the New Year’s Eve flowers.

“These kinds of flowers are called ‘Lucky Blossom’, ‘Golden Jade Fan’, and ‘Auspicious Star’. Together they are called ‘Family Portrait’. Not only the names have rich meanings, but the colors are also very bright. The flowering period lasts for half a year, so it is very suitable as a New Year’s gift. “As Zhang Xinghua said, he cut off a small flower and gave it to the children who came to the flower market with their parents.

“The month before and after the Spring Festival is the peak season for gift flower sales, and sometimes they can be busy until one o’clock in the morning at the latest in order to take care of and assemble flowers.” Zhang Xinghua said.

Merchants arrange flowers in Yongqing Hengmei International Flower Capital. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

Merchant Jiang Ruimei has only been in the flower business for three or four years, but she is an expert in Chinese New Year Flowers. I saw her put pots of exquisite Phalaenopsis into cardboard boxes, cover them with insulation cotton, insert partitions, pack the boxes, and prepare for delivery. The movements are very skillful. “Nowadays when visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, flowers and green plants have become the ‘new favourites’. Sometimes, the daily turnover can reach 20,000 yuan.” Jiang Ruimei said.

During the interview, the reporter met Lian Weipeng, a merchant whose hometown is in Heilongjiang. “If you don’t go back to your hometown this year, you will spend the New Year in the flower market. We will not be closed during the Spring Festival, and we are going to get off to a good start.” Lian Weipeng said that the market situation this year is good, and the flower market in the Spring Festival is very popular. Looking at the customers coming and going and the flowers everywhere, I feel that the new year is full of hope.

In the 20,000-square-meter parking lot of Hengmei International Flower Metropolis, there are many private cars parked, many of which have license plates from other surrounding cities. Liu Wei, Marketing Manager of Hengmei International Flower Market, said that during the Spring Festival this year, nearly 10,000 customers entered the market every day, and the bustling flower market added to the “New Year flavor”. (Reporter Feng Weijian)

Source: Xinhua News Agency