Go to the grassroots level in the new year丨A big country’s aircraft carrier is ready

News from CNR.com, Beijing, January 26 (Reporter Wang Ruitao) According to China Central Radio and Television’s Voice of China’s “News and Newspaper Summary”, on the Shandong ship, my country’s first domestically-made aircraft carrier, there are officers and soldiers sticking to their positions no matter day or night On the surface, in order to protect and enhance the actual combat capability of the aircraft carrier, it works silently. During the Spring Festival, Wang Ruitao, a military reporter from the main station, visited several battle positions on the Shandong ship to see the aircraft carrier of a major country ready to welcome the new year.

I am reporter Wang Ruitao, and it is 12:30 in the evening. I will follow Wang Long, deputy director of the Shandong Ship Political Work Office, to visit the late-night duty station of the aircraft carrier.

Wang Long: It is mainly to go to each battle position to see the status of our officers and soldiers on duty, the spirit of the crew, and the implementation of the safety system. It is also to boost everyone’s morale. Political work is to serve and ensure combat effectiveness.

Passing through one watertight door after another and going down the gangway one after another, we went from the deck all the way to the cabin below the waterline. The first stop of this visit is the No. 1 cold station of the aircraft carrier, where Zheng Zaimin, an auxiliary pilot of the electromechanical department, and his comrades are on duty.

Zheng Zaimin: The main function of No. 1 cold station is to produce condensed water for the air-conditioning equipment of the whole ship. The air-conditioning in our room is cooled by this condensed water. I am mainly responsible for steam turbine maintenance and report hourly.

As soon as he entered the cabin where the boiler was located, a huge noise and a heat wave hit him head-on. In the duty room, first-class sergeant Chen Qingsong and his comrades are closely monitoring the combustion inside the boiler through monitoring equipment.

Chen Qingsong: The conditions of the battle position are relatively difficult. The interior of the cabin is high temperature, high noise, high humidity, and the temperature is very high, sometimes reaching 50 degrees.

Before the voyage this time, Chen Qingsong, who had served for 30 years, heard that the army had a new mission, so he volunteered to go out with the ship.

Chen Qingsong: Now that China has its own aircraft carrier, our generation has encountered this opportunity, and we should operate the equipment well.

After visiting the battle positions under the waterline, we went all the way up to the “brain” of the Shandong ship – the command position.

Team leader Tang Yuekai: We must promptly and accurately discover the target, study and judge the movement and intention, and call out to them to drive away according to the plan. As the Shandong ship moves to the open sea, such complex and severe situations will become the norm. My comrades-in-arms and I will always be ready for battle at all times, ready to fight at any time.

On the bridge of the Shandong ship, listening to the rolling waves and facing the gentle sea breeze, Ye Yunyun, a 24-year-old female steering officer, told me that every time she is on duty late at night, she always has special expectations for the sunshine at dawn.

Ye Yunyun: When the sun rises above the water level, the golden light will fill the entire sea. At that moment, I thought that the rising sun is just like us, the Shandong ship is young, and we are also young.