Glory of the King: Two new tiers will be added in the S26 season, and there is a legendary king above the strongest king tier!

Now the rank distribution in qualifying is more complicated and there are many types, but there are still many benefits, because from the beginning of the S3 season to today’s S25 season, the number of people in the canyon has doubled many times. If it is distributed according to the previous ranking segments, the personnel in each segment must be particularly dense, so in order to change this situation, the segments begin to gradually increase.

Of course, from the beginning of the king to the present, the rank has only been increased once, that is, a new rank of Xingyao has been added, which is mixed between the diamond and the king. This rank is the same as the number of stars required for diamonds, which can well control the players of the king within a certain range. Many old players know that as long as they break through the diamond before, they can directly rise to the king. Now even with the addition of the star rank, many people seem to feel that the resistance to becoming a king is not as great as before.

The data shows that with the change in the number of players in each season, the number of king players has now reached the limit saturation. Of course, although there are many people in Glory, the majority of players who stay in the low star segment are 0 to 20 stars, because As long as many people are at this stage, they have lost the motivation to score this season’s king logo. After all, there is a gap of nearly 50 stars between the king and the glory king, which is equivalent to a span of two stars. So many people know that they have no impact ability, so they give up.

There are many people who spend a lot of time and energy to score points in order to achieve the logo of the King of Glory. As a result, there are only more than 40 stars at the end of the season, and the final King of Glory has less than a few stars, so this result is very regrettable, not only can not Obtaining the logo of the King of Glory is not much different from those kings and low-star players, but after the season changes, there may be two or three changes.

Therefore, in order to change the increase in the number of king players, it is impossible to rush to the next stage, the official decision S With the arrival of the 26 seasons, two new positions can be upgraded to the legendary king, when you defeat the glory 25 stars, the avatar frame is also Corresponding changes will occur. After 50 stars is the position of the King of Glory, the avatar will also change, but the name and the original name will not change. If the king reaches 100 stars, then he will get a new rank, which is the king of 100 stars. Upon arrival, the logo and avatar frame will change again.

Generally speaking, when you get to King of Glory, there are basically not many players. If you want to reach the Hundred Star King, I’m afraid there can only be two or three players in an area. There will be no more than 1000 players in Hundred Star King. So this can also force people to give the main motivation for scoring. In fact, in my opinion, this legendary king is very reasonable. It’s just stuck on the 25 star king, so that means basically those low star players will have an incentive to influence the legendary king’s position. 25 stars is not difficult.

In fact, I think this change is more original and prominent. In fact, many people’s scores are based on certain goals, that is, how many stars are left to the next paragraph? If the gap is too large, many players already have self-knowledge and can’t even reach such a position, so it loses its full meaning, adding more positions and signs, narrowing the goal gap, allowing people to continue to regain the feeling of scoring, Not just the kings. I think this can better drive everyone’s fun and confidence.