Glory of the King: The return voting event is open, the monkey skin ranks first, and the Xiangxiang skin ranks in the top five

The King of Glory will hold a large-scale return event in October every year. The return skin is determined by players’ votes, and this year’s return voting event is being opened district by district. Voting] Participate in activities (complete daily tasks to get voting tickets). Here’s a look at the latest votes:

As of the time of publication (2:00 pm on 10.28), the first-ranked Sun Wukong-Sun Xingzhe has 74W votes (Monkey King Mighty), far ahead of other skins, while the second-ranked Sun Shangxiang-Yijie Lingqi has 41W votes. The two skins are basically certain to return.

Diao Chan-Meeting Hu Xuan has 37W votes, fourth vote Zhuge Liang-Shi Yutian Si has 36W votes, fifth vote Dian Wei-Dai Zong has 27W votes, sixth vote Gongsun Li-Qi Xuelingzhu Has 25W tickets. The skins followed by the number of votes are: Zhao Yun-Lentan, Lv Bu-Yufeng Xiaojiang, Han Xin-Feiheng, etc.

The above data is the real-time vote count at 2 pm on October 28, 2022. The top five limited skins with the final votes will return on November 12, and the limited skins ranked 3 to 5 with the votes can only choose one to return. field. Judging from the latest data at present, Sun Xingzhe and Otherworld Spirit Deed are most likely to win the top two, and the 3rd to 5th place may be Hu Xuan, Shiyutiansi, and Daizong. For more latest information on the glory of the king, please pay attention to the jade-faced little white fox!