Glory of the King: The new skin of Shield Mountain is officially exposed, and the latest ranking list of the return voting

The galaxy skin on the Glory of Kings anniversary calendar is finally here. Today, the king officially announced the new aerospace skin of Dunshan: Mengyuanfanxing, which will be launched in the official server in the near future. Let’s take a look at the specific situation:

The back of Dunshan’s new skin has been exposed, as shown in the picture below: Dunshan is incarnated as a space robot, with two solar panels attached to his head, watching the launch of the spacecraft.

In addition, the return voting has been going on for one day. According to the current votes, the top six skins are: (as of 12:00 noon on 10.29)

1. Sun Wukong-Sun Xingzhe, with 3235W votes; (sit first)

2. Diao Chan-Meet Hu Xuan, with 1703W votes; (gradually open to third)

3. Sun Shangxiang – Spirit Deed of the Other World, with 1476W votes; (stably rising)

4. Zhuge Liang – Shi Yutian Division, with 1196W votes; (stably rising)

5. Dianwei – Daizong, with 1170W votes; (chasing fourth)

6. Gongsun Li – Qixue Lingzhu, with 952W votes. (smooth rise)

To sum up, the new skin of Shield Mountain is expected to be launched on October 31st, which may be of epic quality. It is expected to be discounted by 532 points in the first week. The results of the return voting have basically been determined. The five limited skins that will return are likely to be: Sun Xingzhe price 888 points, Encounter Huxuan price 1788 points, Otherworld spirit contract price 1788 points, Shiyu Tiansi price 1788 The price of coupons and Daizong is 888 coupons, and the overall price is a bit high. For more latest information on the glory of the king, please pay attention to the jade-faced little white fox!