Glory of the King: The most suitable single-row shooter is born, beats Di Renjie, and there is no nemesis in the end of the world

With the adjustment of the version, the survival environment of the developmental shooter has become very poor, and some players even bluntly said that this is a version of “dogs don’t play shooters”. In fact, as long as you’re a player in solo queue, you’ll understand how painful this sentence is. After some nerf adjustments, the shooter is now basically a hero who can handle the shooter. The shooter’s crazy output, not only can’t drop the tank in seconds, but will be taken away by Xiang Yu’s set of skills. Especially in solo queue and without support, the survival environment for shooter heroes is even more difficult. But recently, there is also a shooter who is most suitable for solo queue. He beat Di Renjie, crushed King Lanling, and there is no nemesis in the end of the world.

Di Renjie is a classic stand-up hero with a very silky hitting feel and strong continuous output. Many people don’t understand Di Renjie and feel that Di Renjie’s output is very weak. That means you don’t really understand Di Renjie’s normal attack mechanism. Di Renjie can get an increase in attack speed and movement speed for each basic attack, up to 30% attack speed and 25% movement speed bonus, which is an important means for Di Renjie to suppress the enemy in the early stage.

Di Renjie’s third basic attack has a 50% chance of causing additional damage or slowing down. Moreover, the attack distance is also larger than the normal attack range. Only by making full use of the passive output can maximize Di Renjie’s instantaneous output. Compared with other shooters, Di Renjie has better life-saving ability in teamfights due to the ability of his second skill to release control.

Lanling King is the most powerful assassin in the early stage of the current version, restraining all the crispy heroes, including the weaker monkeys, Li Bai, Han Xin and other assassins in the early stage. King Lanling fundamentally restrained archers, and most archer heroes did not move. Therefore, even if he knew that King Lanling was nearby, it was difficult to avoid King Lanling’s poison dart. And once hit by Lanling King’s poison dart, it will also cause a 90% slowdown.

When King Lanling is chasing the enemy, he will get a 20% deceleration effect. As long as King Lanling attacks the enemy hit by the poison dart again, the damage of the poison dart will be triggered immediately, causing a short stun and restoring his own health. . King Lanling’s ultimate move is still a super long-distance displacement skill, with high damage, and a set of skills can easily take away the crispy skin.

In today’s meta, it’s hard to score in solo queue without a support. Especially in the game of passers-by, even if there are supports, many supports are not professional, and support heroes may not necessarily follow you. Therefore, in the game of passers-by, choosing a shooter means that in the end, you have to carry everything yourself. Including the suppression of the opposite shooter, the ambush of the assassin, the auxiliary tower jumping and so on.

However, recently, the most suitable single-row shooter has also been born. She hangs Di Renjie, crushes King Lanling, and there is no nemesis in the apocalypse. She is the player’s recognized assassin nemesis Yu Ji. Yu Ji is a shooter who is very suitable for solo queue. Even if there is no support in the early stage, it will be difficult for two people on the opposite side to cross Yu Ji’s tower. And it is more likely that Yu Ji will kill him if he is not careful.

Yu Ji is very strong in the early stage, and the ultra-long-range shooting of one skill can clear the line without damage. If it was only one-on-one, Yu Ji would have the upper hand after the second level. The 2-second physical immunity of the second skill allows Yu Ji to stand and cripple the opposite shooter. Moreover, the second skill can also cause a deceleration effect of up to 45% on the enemy, which can greatly improve the hit rate of the first skill.

In the current mainstream gameplay, most Yuji players choose to give up the burst gameplay of basic attack. The damage of this game is very high, but it requires a high hit rate and can play an advantage in the early stage. However, in the mid-to-late teamfights, the output will be very weak. Therefore, we are retaining the basic damage of Yu Ji’s powerful burst, and we can also play apocalypse in the early stage, which can greatly increase Yu Ji’s basic attack damage.