Glory of the King: The latest ranking of the return voting, the number of monkey votes far exceeds the second, and the skin of Diaochan has increased greatly

The official server of King of Glory has fully opened the return voting event. The number of return this time is the same as last year. The five skins with the highest votes will return on November 12, and only one of the three skins in the bottom can be selected. money to start. Let’s take a look at the latest rankings and votes: (As of October 28th at 8:00 p.m.)

The first place is still Monkey’s Sun Xingzhe, with 1130W votes, far exceeding other skins;

The second place is Diao Chan’s meeting with Hu Xuan, with 580 WW votes, only half of the monkey skin’s votes;

The third place is Sun Shangxiang’s spirit deed from the other world, with 482W votes;

The fourth place is Dianwei’s Daizong, with 388.9W votes;

The fifth place is Zhuge Liang’s Shi Yutian Division, with 388.6W votes;

The sixth place is Gongsun Li’s Qi Xuelingzhu, with 311W of votes (Han Xin’s Feiheng is close behind, with 290W of votes)

Judging from the latest data, Monkey’s Sun Xingzhe is most likely to win the championship, while Diaochan’s encounter with Hu Xuan is catching up, and the increase in the number of votes is higher than that of other skins except monkeys, so the final number of votes for encountering Hu Xuan is likely to be is second. The increase of Qi Xuelingzhu is very small, not even as good as Fei Heng, the seventh place, so this skin is likely not to return.

To sum up, the predicted results of this year’s return voting are: Sun Xingzhe, Encounter Hu Xuan, Spiritual Deed of the Other World, Daizong, Shi Yutian Si (ranked from left to right), of which Sun Xingzhe sells for 888 points, Encounter Hu Xuan The price is 1788 points, the price of the otherworld spirit contract is 1788 points, the price of Daizong is 888 points, and the price of Shiyutiansi is 1788 points. The price of the skins in this return is high, and it will be available on November 12th. on the shelves. For more latest information on the glory of the king, please pay attention to the jade-faced little white fox!