Glory of the King: The first day of voting results for the returning skin, the monkey has no suspense, and Dian Wei has become a big dark horse

Hello everyone, my name is Qiudou.

The 7th anniversary limited skin voting will officially start on 10.28. Who can stand out from the 29 limited skins and become the final top 5? Let’s predict the results from the top 7 results of the first day’s voting.

(Note: The data is as of 22.30 on 10.28)

The first Sun Wukong – Sun Xingzhe

Votes: 16.22 million votes

Monkey King-Sun Xingzhe is the linked skin of “Journey to the West 86”. It is a memory of the post-80s and post-90s. In addition, Sun Wukong itself is popular in the canyon, especially voting, as long as there are monkeys, many players will vote for monkeys.

And those players who don’t know what to vote for, usually also vote for the monkey, which has 8 million votes ahead of the second place and almost pre-booked the first place.

The second Diaochan-Meet Hu Xuan

Votes: 8.83 million votes

Diaochan-Meet Hu Xuan is the third mural series skins launched by the King of Glory and Dunhuang Research Institute. The first two, Met Feitian and Encounter Shenlu, are very popular. In addition, the high quality of Wenchuang skins has always divided players’ opinions. Love this skin.

Third place Sun Shangxiang – Spirit Deed of the Otherworld

Votes: 7.08 million votes

Sun Shangxiang-Other World Spirit Deed is a sister skin launched by the King of Glory and AOV. The biggest highlight of the skin is that the scrolling action of a skill has been innovatively changed to somersault, which has a different feel and vision. There are really many skins of Sun Shangxiang, and many can be replaced. I wonder if everyone likes this skin, or because Sun Shangxiang is popular?

Fourth place: Dian Wei-Daizong

Votes: 5.62 million votes

It is surprising that Dianwei-Dizong can rank fourth. Dianwei is not a popular hero in the S29 season, and his appearance rate in the passers-by game is not bad, but he can hardly see it in the peak game and the top game. It may be because there is no way to obtain Dianwei’s battle order skin for the time being, so Dianwei players can only look forward to the return of Daizong.

Fifth place Zhuge Liang – Shi Yu Tian Si

Votes: 5.52 million votes

Zhuge Liang-Shi Yu Tian Si is a limited skin for the Year of the Ox in 2021, and there is no new skin for the Year of the Ox yet. Zhuge Liang’s skin has always been known for its high quality, whether it is Wuling Xianjun or Shiyutiansi, they are full of their own characteristics. Since Zhuge Liang moved to the wild area, the popularity has remained high.

The sixth Gongsun Li – Lingxue Prayer

Votes: 4.3 million votes

Gongsun Li-Lingxue Prayers and Zhuge Liang-Shi Yutiansi are limited to the Year of the Ox skins, both of which are of legendary quality. At present, Ali’s top game has the highest win rate, and the popularity and intensity are very high. But suddenly the damage of A Li was weakened on the 10.28 experience server. I don’t know if this will affect A Li’s enthusiasm for voting.

The seventh Han Xin-Feiheng

Votes: 4.18 million votes

Han Xin-Feiheng is a limited skin for the Year of the Rat in 2020. Currently, only Jialuo-Taihua has come back once for the Year of the Rat skin. Han Xin is an old-fashioned popular hero, especially Meng Lei No Soldier Demolition Crystal has accumulated a lot of love players for Han Xin. However, the number of votes is a little far from the fifth place, and all Han Xin players need to cheer up.

Qiudou Epilogue

The above are the voting results on the first day. There is a high probability that the top 5 will be generated from these 7 skins. Gongsun Li-Lingxue Qizhu and Han Xin-Feiheng have the possibility of overtaking.

Who did you all vote for? Comments are welcome.

I’m Qiudou, thank you for your likes and attention.