Glory of the King: Rose’s “Trash” Pavilion is open, the event is upgraded, and there are 3 ways to get Rose’s Heart

Text/Jing Haijun

After the Nutcracker launched ” Rose Treasure Pavilion “, many friends no longer recognized its name of “Treasure Pavilion”, thinking that the name ” Trash Pavilion ” is more suitable for it.

But no matter what, the skins produced in the Rose Treasure Pavilion are still limited editions, so if you have time, I still recommend everyone to participate. After all, this event does not require players to spend money. What’s more, the Treasure Pavilion event in this issue has been fully upgraded, and there are as many as 3 ways to obtain the Heart of Roses.

The basic situation of the Rose Treasure Pavilion in this issue

Old rules, let’s take a look at the basics of the Rose Treasure Pavilion in this issue and see how it differs from the previous ones.

⑴ Rewards

The rewards of the Rose Treasure Pavilion have not changed. They are still Sun Shangxiang’s Rose Lover, Ying Zheng’s Elegant Lover, Irene’s Valkyrie, Gao Jianli’s Playful Evil Dragon, and Mo Xie’s Nutcracker.

I can’t help but want to complain. I can endure it for a while when I play the funny dragon. What the hell is this Nutcracker? What did the planner think at the time?

⑵ Exchange method

The exchange method is the same as before, or 150 rose hearts are directly exchanged, but this time the exchange time starts from October 27th and ends on November 13th.

(3) How to get the Heart of the Rose

There are three ways to get the Heart of Roses this time, namely quests, red envelopes and easter eggs .

When doing quests, players have two ways to obtain the Heart of the Rose.

Log in for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days and 5 days to get 10 rose hearts.

You can get 2, 3, 4, and 6 Rose Hearts in 1, 3, 5, and 7 games in total (15 in total).

Through these two tasks, players can obtain a total of 25 Rose Hearts.

When receiving the sign-in and game rewards, players still have a certain probability to get the treasure chest of the skin of the treasure house (this treasure chest can choose a skin of the treasure house).

In addition, the friends who have obtained the optional treasure chest will also share the news of the optional treasure box to public channels such as general, city, team or squad. Other friends can click on the news to get rewards after seeing the news. Rewards include the Heart of the Rose and Treasure Pavilion skin limited free cards. The specific odds of winning are as follows:

2 Hearts of Roses have a 5% chance of winning, a 15% chance for a hero limited free card, and a 7% chance for a skin experience card. Considering that an account can only be clicked twice at most, the probability of getting the Heart of the Rose is actually not particularly high.

Also, for this sharing event, I have a question – what if the winning friends don’t share? You must know that the skin optional treasure chest is limited to 100,000 in the whole server, and the output is not high.

The third way to get the Heart of Roses is planned to be placed in the game in the form of Easter eggs: when completing the task, pay attention to the swaying rose vines (this Easter egg reward can only be triggered once per person).

Last but not least, I hope that the planning can pay attention to the players’ ideas, either optimize the Nutcracker, or add a new skin, so that everyone will have passion for the task.

Another task started at the same time

The quest of King Star Road was opened almost at the same time as the Rose Treasure Pavilion.

⑴The reward of the king’s heart

The rewards of King Star Road are divided into seven levels:

Twilight Lantern, Laurel Coin, Diamond, Laurel Coin, Twilight Lantern, Static Expression, Limited Return to the City.

The lantern is an intimate item. Laurel coins can be exchanged for SNK heroes, and can be exchanged for rewards such as limited return to the city, broadcast special effects, and defeat special effects. In addition to the anniversary limited return to the city that can be directly obtained this time, I think this task is very cost-effective. High (even without skin bonus).

(2) How to complete the King’s Star Road

You can get 1 star by logging in to the game every day, 2 stars by participating in a ranking game every day, 3 stars by unlocking 2 star road data every day (unlocking in-game matches), and a maximum of 6 stars a day.

The event lasts for 18 days in total, and you will get 6 stars every day. If you complete all of them, you can get 108. In fact, we only need 21 stars to unlock all of them, so this limited return to the city is still very easy to get.

The above is the anniversary event updated on October 27th. If I find new benefits, I will report to you as soon as possible. Those who don’t want to miss it, remember to pay attention.