Glory of the King: On the first day of voting, Zhuang Zhou surpassed Sun Shangxiang in total votes and met Hu Xuan second

Foreword: It has been more than seven years since the public beta of Glory of Kings. I believe everyone knows that there are many welfare activities on the official shelves every year for the anniversary. In addition to the annual anniversary limited skin, the most concerned is the limited skin. back.

On the 28th, the limited skin return voting for the seventh anniversary also began. However, in just one day, the number of votes for Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe exceeded 20 million. I have to say that the influence of monkeys is really too great. Let’s take a look at the details of the voting.

After the end of the first day of voting, Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe led the voting list with an absolute advantage, ranking first. The current number of votes has reached 22,582,793 votes, and the second is Diao Chan’s meeting Hu Xuan, the number of votes: 12,675,067 , ranked third is Sun Shangxiang’s spirit deed from the other world, the number of votes: 10,155,271. At present, only these three skins have more than 10 million votes, and the number of votes for Sun Xingzhe is almost the sum of Hu Xuan and the spirit deed of the other world. .

Dian Wei’s Daizong ranked fourth with 7,749,135 votes, and Zhuge Liang’s Shi Yutian Si ranked fifth with 7,511,527 votes. The gap between the two skins is very small. After that, Gongsun Li’s Qi Xue Lingzhu, Han Xin’s Fei Heng, Zhuang Zhou’s Cloud Dream Builder, and Da Qiao’s Bai Heliang Goddess, all of them had more than 5 million votes.

I believe everyone has seen that there are a total of 29 returning skins this time, but Zhuang Yi has accounted for three. At present, the number of votes for Zhuang Zhou’s sixth-anniversary limited skin in the mountains and water has reached 4,508,432, and the number of votes for the cloud dream builder has reached 5,366,295. Xuan Song’s number of votes also reached 1,467,360, and the total number of votes also reached 1,134,2087, which directly surpassed Sun Shangxiang’s otherworldly deed. However, the ranking is based on a single skin, so according to the current situation, although Zhuang Zhou has three skins to participate in the vote, there should be no skins that will return.

According to the current situation of votes, Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe will basically return with the first vote, and the second place will be born between Diaochan’s meeting Hu Xuan and Sun Shangxiang’s otherworldly deed. For the last two places in the top five, Zhuge Liang’s Shi Yutian Division may occupy one. Although Dian Wei’s Daizong is currently ranked fourth, it may also be overtaken by the skin behind him. After all, like Han Xin, Gongsun Li, Da Qiao , and Zhuang Zhou’s cloud dream builder, who is very popular.

However, the voting time is seven days in total, and the first day is only over, and there are still six days left. In the end, it is unknown whether everyone will get votes for their favorite skins. By the way, friends, which five skins do you think will return this year? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!