Glory of the King: Inventory of the heroes in the grass that I encountered recently, which used to be the pinnacle of the altar, but now it is like this

Glory of the King: What are the heroes who are extremely wretched in the early stage and have no solution in the later stage

Inventory of the most wretched heroes of the glory of the king

1. Wang Zhaojun

This hero has always been known as one of the three heroes in the grass. Wang Zhaojun, who is squatting in the grass, is always very strong, and it is relatively easy to take people’s heads. But only one thing is that after this hero is weakened, there is only one way to squat in the grass, and the team battle has no advantage at all. In the past, Wang Zhaojun was a must-have hero in team battles, and now Wang Zhaojun is a hero who must be avoided in team battles.

2. Zhou Yu

The original King of Glory version has the highest outbreak DPS! Since Angela’s revision, she has fallen to the altar! Anyway, I haven’t been in the high-end game! What does this hero say! Casting delay is a flaw! There must be damage! But a little too low! A set in the early and mid-term can’t be lost in seconds! But it’s still possible to fight

3. Shiranui Dance

Once she experienced a painful weakening, Mai Shiranui walked down from the altar. But I have to admit that Huo Wu is still a very disgusting existence. Then the new skins were launched recently, and they are all returning. The fans and flexible displacements that are constantly thrown by the second-line skills. To achieve the ruthless realm of running and pulling the fan after the fight. But Mai Shiranui’s disadvantage is also her mobility. A careless. It is easy to roll from the bed to the ground (rolling is risky, be careful with the line). Shiranui Mai’s ability to kill five heroes is also very powerful. Anyone who has seen him should know that it is cut. However, his abilities should not be underestimated. It can also make you afraid!

4. Little Joe

Basic attack basically has no damage, and the cooldown of skills is very short. Basically, one skill can be used in 3 seconds. Xiaoqiao without Lan is really useless. Remember that the jungler must give Lan Xiaoqiao to let her play high damage. In teamfights, in addition to speed, the damage is also very impressive.

5. Nezha

If the residual blood is chased by Nezha, there is no need to run, right? Not to mention how fast you can run, whether there is a flash. What if Nezha wants you to run for 10 seconds. He exists only to harvest residual blood. Even if you don’t have vision, after one of Nezha’s big moves is activated, even if you hide in the base, you won’t be able to escape his eyes at all.

6. Zhuang Zhou

Zhuang Zhou! No hard control, no damage (depending on the inscription)! The key is not very meaty, but some are real meat! The only way to see it! That’s it! Still need to grasp the timing very accurately! To get rid of tons of control on the opposite side! Most people can’t grasp the timing well, and there are also friends of Lanpen. Forget it, let’s go here.

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