Glory of the King: 10.28 Four heroes weakened, Old Master’s frankness decreased, Gongsun Li’s damage decreased

Hello everyone, my name is Qiudou.

The Glory of Kings experience server was updated on 10.28. Among them, 4 heroes have been weakened in balance, Gongsunli’s early damage has been reduced, the old master’s candidity has been reduced, and Haiyue and Ming Shiyin have also been weakened to varying degrees. Let’s take a look at the specific adjustment values ​​with Qiudou.

*The experience server version does not represent the final online value and design.

Old Master – Weakened

Base health is reduced, and the second skill’s slowing effect is reduced.

Since the old master has no shield, Tandu is only related to the amount of HP and the second skill to avoid damage. The base life is reduced by 15 points per level, and the full level is reduced by 210 points. Slightly reduced Old Master’s frankness and damage resistance.

The second skill can reflect the enemy’s basic attack damage and reduce the enemy’s deceleration effect by 50%. After the deceleration is reduced to 30%, the old master’s ability to retain people will be greatly reduced, especially when facing heroes with displacement, it is difficult to pass the second skill. Slow down to catch up with the enemy.

Although it has been slightly cooled, the core injury-free mechanism of the old master has not been adjusted, which will test the player’s use of the second skill, which is a slight weakening.

Sea Moon – nerf

The maximum range of a skill is reduced by 50.

Haiyue was the strongest T0-level mage in the passerby game in the S29 season. After the damage of the second skill and the shield of the ultimate move were strengthened last time, Haiyue’s winning rate in the top game has risen to 53.55%, and what is even more terrifying is that the ban rate is as high as 74.34% , second only to Donghuang Taiyi and Dunshan, the two small black house aborigines.

However, Haiyue is a long-distance expendable mage, and it is not a problem to reduce the range of a skill by 50 points. The 1200 yd point one skill reduction is still 1150. The distance between the big move illusion and the enemy is 900 yards, and it is still within the attack range of Haiyue.

Gongsun Li – weakened

Base attack damage and mark damage reduced early damage.

The base attack power is reduced by 15 points, the growth attack power increases by one point per level, and the full level increases by 14 points, and the total base damage is reduced by 1 point.

The base damage of passive mark is reduced by 50 points, the damage of each level of growth mark is increased by 5 points, the full level is increased by 70 points, and the total damage is increased by 20 points in the later stage.

Gongsun Li is a hero in the early and mid-term. In the early stage, except for Baili who is not good at keeping his contract, other shooters can easily suppress it. The reduction of the early damage will not only affect the damage of A Li, but also affect the development speed simultaneously, and the equipment will be formed more slowly. In the later stage, the opponent’s AOE skills or dead set shooting, A Li’s damage is not dominant.

When the skin voting returns, a wave of weakening may reduce players’ enthusiasm for the skin voting for Ali-Qixuelingzhu.

Mingshiyin – weakened

A skill base damage decreased, growth damage increased.

The base damage is reduced by 30 points, the growth damage of each level is increased by 5 points, the full level is increased by 70 points, and the total damage in the later stage is increased by 40 points.

Ming Shiyin’s level 1 combat ability is very strong. He can invade the wild area with punishment, harass the development of the enemy jungler, and even kill the enemy jungler. It can also squat against the road at first level, and kill the enemy by slowing down and a skill damage with the counter-road.

After the early damage is reduced, the damage of Ming Shiyin’s invasion of the anti-wild and early fights has been reduced and slightly weakened.

Qiudou Epilogue

The above is the hero adjustment of the 10.28 experience server. It can be seen that they are all popular T0 or T1 heroes, not only have a high appearance rate, but also a high win rate. What do you think about this? Comments are welcome.

I’m Qiudou, thank you for your likes and attention.