Glory of Kings: The Hero’s Hundred Refinements Plan, will the veteran mage really have a future?

Glory of Kings: The Hero’s Hundred Refinements Plan, will the veteran mage really have a future?

In the continuous development process of “Honor of Kings”, the optimization and adjustment of heroes has always been the top priority of the official attention. In order to maintain the balance and continuity of the game, officials will regularly optimize and upgrade some heroes. Recently, the high-profile Hero Refining Project has been launched again, and this time, the optimization content of veteran mages has become the focus of players.

In past version updates, some veteran heroes gradually seemed unable to keep up with the version due to mechanical problems, and were nicknamed “primitives” by players. In order to change this situation, the official launched the Hero Refining Plan, aiming to rejuvenate these veteran heroes. In the latest Hero Refining Plan, the official proposed ten optimization plans for veteran mages. These plans cover many aspects, including the hero’s skills, attributes, positioning and operating experience. Among them, the heroes mentioned include Diao Chan, Gao Jianli, Zhen Ji, Mozi and Mai Shiranui. These heroes are all veteran heroes of “Honor of Kings” and have accompanied players through countless battle days and nights.

Among these heroes, Zhen Ji has received the highest attention from players. Among the ten optimization plans, four mentioned Zhen Ji. This is enough to show the players’ love and expectations for the hero Zhen Ji. As one of the novice heroes, Zhen Ji is relatively easy to operate and is deeply loved by female players. However, her overall strength is weaker than that of several other popular mages.

Zhen Ji’s pain points are very obvious: poor mobility, poor self-protection ability, and her outstanding control ability is also unstable. These shortcomings make her performance in high-end games unsatisfactory. Although the appearance rate is not low, the winning rate is only 44.72%. This data is enough to reflect the dilemma of players when using this hero.

In the feedback from many Zhen Ji players, they also expressed their love for this hero and their dissatisfaction with the current situation. As players of the national server Zhen Ji, every game they play feels very difficult. They hope that the officials will pay attention to this issue and optimize and upgrade Zhen Ji.

The Hero Refining Plan of “Glory of Kings” is an ongoing activity with a cyclical nature. Players usually vote, and the official finally determines the optimization plan and the optimized heroes. Although the cycle is long, there is at least one hope for players, that is, the official will gradually improve the situation of these veteran heroes.

Cyclicality does not mean that there is no end in sight, but is part of the official’s ongoing efforts to improve. One version after another, one god after another, we cannot deny that some heroes will rise or decline in different versions, but more often than not, many heroes do not improve in strength no matter how the versions change. This is why this Hundred Refining Plan exists.

In this optimization of the veteran mage, we hope that the official will pay attention to Zhen Ji’s problem and carry out corresponding optimization and upgrades for her. Allowing more players to accept and like this hero is also the players’ expectations and hopes for this Hundred Refining Plan.

In general, the Hero Refining Plan of “Glory of Kings” is an important activity that exists to make the game more balanced and sustainable. Through continuous optimization and adjustments, officials can revitalize old heroes and allow new players to better integrate into the game.