Glory of Kings: Fragment Store Update! Another linked skin has been exposed, with a high probability of being a free skin, so be the first to see it!

Hello, everyone, I’m Tuantuan! The Glory of Kings anniversary event this time is still quite powerful. What are the 7th anniversary limited skins and tails, rose coins, and the mystery store. This wave is still relatively powerful. During the anniversary, the fragment store has also been updated. Redeem some skins.

The skin fragment store has been updated, and Kung Fu Chef is on the shelves (this one does not need to be exchanged first, you can draw the treasure chest and have a chance to get it, Night Catgirl, Maid Coffee, Rock Star These four epic skins are needed for small partners who need to consider exchanging them. .

In addition to the shard shop, what have we exchanged for epic chests? I’m Cai Wenji’s Dancing Greenery, and the other number is Christmas Love Song. Overall, it’s okay. If you haven’t changed, you can look at this probability chart. Anyway, the red box is generally better than the blue box, after all, the skin of the blue box is often put on the shard shop.

In addition, yesterday, the king officially announced a skin. This skin was revealed to everyone before. The skin jointly launched by King of Glory and China Aerospace, the skin was given to Dunshan, and the appearance of the specific skin has also been officially exposed, you can The overall image of Dunshan in the preview picture is a space robot, watching the launch of the satellite. I think this skin has a high probability of being an active skin. According to the news, we can see that the rocket launch will be broadcast live on November 31. It would be inappropriate for such a positive activity Xiao Wang to charge for this skin. What do you think?

Finally, the King of Glory skin returns to vote, which is basically the real hammer! As of 9:30 on the 30th, Monkey has 49.7 million votes. The second place meets Hu Xuan with 27.98 million votes, the third place is 24.09 million votes, Shi Yutiansi is the fourth place with 20.99 million votes, and the fifth place is Dai. Zong has 19.25 million votes, and the sixth is Gongsun Li’s Qi Xueling Zhu with 16.34 million votes. Are you satisfied with the current ranking?