Glory of Kings: Anniversary Benefit Guide! How to choose an epic skin chest? How to make a steady profit without losing money, anniversary guide

The welfare of the seventh anniversary of the king has begun, and it is also a very important time node for the players of the king. I don’t know which year everyone entered the pit of the glory of the king. The official also attaches great importance to this anniversary event, and there are still quite a few events. Perhaps one of the most lucrative perks is sharing and sending epic skins.

Of course, this kind of activity is very simple, you don’t need to do game tasks, and you don’t need to log in every day, just move your finger and share it with your friends on the same day, you can get it, if it is difficult to log in, it may be that you have given up King, (joking) This box contains epic skins, players have certain choices, and of course there is a lot of randomness, so how to choose? The most affordable skin? , let’s take a look

There are three main options for players to choose from, one is the epic skin chest (red), the epic skin chest (blue) and 3 bonus coupons, while the epic skin chest skin is random Yes, but the existing duplicates The skin doesn’t show up, so the choice becomes even more important.

Of course, if it is a bonus coupon here, my suggestion is not to choose it. Because, the price of points treasure coupons is about 60 coupons, and three coupons are only 180 coupons, which is far inferior to epic skins, and the minimum is 788 coupons. Of course, if you have skins, or you only have three chances to reach 361 times, When I didn’t say.

Epic skin treasure chest (red) , 5% chance of Ake rhythm heat wave, 10% chance of Cheng Yaojin Kung Fu Chef, Cai Wenji Dance Green, Diao Chan Christmas Love Song, Cao Cao Ghost Captain, Miyamoto Musashi Ghost Sword Musashi, 15% The probability of Hua Mulan crystal dragon hunter, Liu Chan talented goalkeeper, Xia Hou Dun riding the wind and waves.

Of course, Ake’s rhythm heat wave, the fragment store has never been on the shelves, but it has launched a lot of star element parts

The second is Miyamoto Musashi’s Ghost Sword Musashi. Because of Miyamoto’s rework, all Miyamoto’s skins have been refurbished, and Ghost Sword Musashi’s skin finally has special effects corresponding to epic skins; other skins are resident guests of the Fragment Store, no Great optimization and refurbishment.

Epic skin treasure chest (blue) , 5% probability of Sun Ce’s cat and dog diary, 10% probability of Angela’s mind hacker, Arthur’s psychic police, Zhao Yun’s future era, Zhen Ji ice and snow waltz, 15% probability of shadow Beast Hunter, Lian Po Hell Rock Soul, Count Liu Bang Dracula, King Lanling.

The best of them is Sun Ce’s cat and dog diary, which has never been listed in the Fragment Store, and has a lot of stars;

The second is Zhao Yun’s Future Age and Zhen Ji’s Bingxue Waltz, both of which are recently optimized skins, and the quality has changed from a hero to an epic; the others are relatively average.

In fact, the idea of ​​two treasure chests is the same, the lowest probability is not listed in the shard shop, followed by some quality optimization upgrades recently, so basically, I personally recommend choosing the very different epic skin chest (blue), because recently there are more The optimized skin of , and Angela and Arthur’s skin also have star components, the cost-effectiveness of drawing the skin is relatively high.