Glory of Kings 7th Anniversary Return Voting Opens! Who are you voting for? Netizens: Some monkeys vote for monkeys, but no monkeys vote randomly


Hello everyone, here is the handsome panda brother who not only played 6 in the game, but also looks very handsome~

When it comes to the annual event of the King of Glory, the first thing that many players think of is the anniversary. During this anniversary, the Canyon of Kings can be said to be more lively than the Chinese New Year, with a lot of benefits and everything!

Among them, the most anticipated by players is the return of the limited skin.

You must know that there are many limited skins for the glory of the king, but it is difficult to get them after they are removed from the shelves. Basically, it takes a long time to wait, and some unpopular ones may never come back.

During the anniversary period, the official will decide the 2 limited skins to return to the game in the form of player voting. This is a good opportunity for players. Whether you can return your favorite limited skin to the game depends on the anniversary voting!

On October 28th, the return voting for the seventh anniversary of the Glory of Kings officially opened!

“Who do you vote for?” has become one of the hottest topics among players, so who do you vote for? Come and get to know Brother Panda!

The opinion of the people who eat melons is: There are monkeys who vote for monkeys, but no monkeys vote indiscriminately. You must vote for Brother Monkey!

According to the observation of Brother Panda, this year’s return to vote is not surprising, as in previous years, the popularity of Monkey Monkey’s limited skin has been rising all the way!

Some players even shouted a loud slogan: If there is a monkey, you must choose a monkey, and if you don’t have a monkey, you can choose it at will.

Players who have participated in the anniversary skin voting in the past few years also know that the popularity of our monkey brother is really not covered, and it can be ranked first every year.

I have to say that Brother Monkey is really popular in the anniversary return voting. You can see from the comments of the players that there will be another place for Brother Monkey this year.

Some players asked, why don’t you see Brother Monkey’s Supreme Treasure, which is also a super popular skin in Glory of Kings.

In short, although the voting is still gradually open, there is almost one place for Brother Monkey.

The second opinion of the people who eat melons: there are skins you like, but people have different opinions

Of course, there are many players in the glory of the king, and it is impossible for everyone to choose Brother Monkey. There are also many players who have other ideas, such as the skin of Gongsun Li, and many people vote.

In the same way, Zhuge Liang’s Shi Yutian Division is considered to be the most popular in the voting pool, and the prophecy emperor said that if there is no corner overtaking, this year’s return list should be these two:

Viewpoint 3 of the people who eat melons: I don’t like the skin, I don’t want to participate in the voting anniversary

Due to the popularity of some heroes, especially the monkey brother, the popularity has reached the point of crushing. This kind of voting activity has also made many players less interested. Do you still need to vote? One hundred percent is a monkey.

There are also many players who are proposing to change the mechanism. Don’t use this kind of public voting anymore, because it is difficult to buy what you really want. After every vote, it is almost the skin of the monkey + another one, and the other one is more likely. do not like.

If the official website can be considered to allow players to choose by themselves, everyone can be happy, and unpopular skins can also be bought. This is the anniversary return that players are looking forward to.

Panda says:

Brother Panda also participated in the return voting in the early years, and he is very active every time~

But I found out that I always return to the skin of Brother Monkey in the end. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I have already bought it. I feel that this activity is a bit useless, so I am not so enthusiastic now. field!

Okay guys, what do you think about the above events? Not sure who you want to vote for the most? Welcome to the comment area to leave a message for discussion, or if you have other stories, you can also privately tell Brother Panda Oh, I love you cute, more than heart~