Glory of Kings 10.29 Event: Mystery Store opens, log in to get epic skins, new skins are free

Although the seventh anniversary of King Glory is on October 28, many anniversary events are held on October 29. There are four new events opened on this day: 1. The mystery store is opened; 2. Shiranuiwu new skin On the shelves; 3. The new Guiguzi skin is free; 4. Log in to receive a permanent epic skin. The specific activities are as follows:

1. Mystery shop opens

The mystery store will be opened for a limited time at 0:00 on October 29th. This time, Hou Yi’s golden Sagittarius and Sun Shangxiang’s lover of time are newly listed. Lucky players can get a 50% discount.

2. Mai Shiranui’s new skin is on the shelves

Mai Shiranui’s Hideyuki will be on the shelves at 0:00 on October 29th. This skin is of legendary quality and limited to the blue label, with a discount of 1430 points in the first week. At the same time, there are also personalized buttons, personalized expressions, and defeat/trailing effects.

Special effects review:

3. Guiguzi new skin is free

Guiguzi’s new skin will be available for collection at 0:00 on October 29th. If you log in on October 29th, you can get 130 star sand. If you match the 70 star sand you obtained before, you can unlock the new Guiguzi skin and receive it for free. .

4. Log in to receive a permanent epic skin

Friends log in and share the event on October 29th, and you can get an epic skin treasure chest for free, you will get one of the epic skins at random, and there are two popular skins that have not been listed in the shard store: Rhythm Heat Wave and Cat and Dog Diary .

Skin list and random probability:

All of the above four events will be launched this Saturday. In addition, the Heart of Rose event, daily recharge event, and return voting event have been launched before. Click the rose flower in the lower right corner of the Treasure Pavilion to find easter eggs. Additional Obtain two Hearts of Roses. For more latest information on the glory of the king, please pay attention to the jade-faced little white fox!