Global Times Comments on Yuan Shenli Lunar Eclipse Collection: Sublimation and Crystallization of Chinese Experience and Realization of Cultural “Going Global”

At the moment when games are becoming more and more trendy, Yuanshen has obviously become a domestically produced game with excellent results and dazzling performance. Whether it is Yuanshen’s previous “Goddess Split View”, or the Chinese characteristics and Chinese culture in the game, they have attracted the attention of a large number of overseas players, and let more people in the world understand the cultural characteristics of China. It has successively participated in major foreign game exhibitions and press conferences. No, recently, the authoritative diplomatic media “Global Times” “bragged” a wave of Genshin again, and highly recognized Genshin’s contribution in the process of cultural dissemination.

The reason for all this is that the “Li Moon Eclipse Collection” officially released by Yuanshen some time ago has attracted a certain amount of attention at home and abroad. As an in-game area that contains Chinese culture, Liyue’s cooking system is also very close to my country’s long-standing food style. And “Li Moon Eclipse Collection” is the opening chapter of Yuanshen’s “Cooking Tutorial”, which undoubtedly makes overseas players fed Chinese culture when they pay attention to this column. Whether it is the processing of ingredients and recipes with Chinese characteristics in “Liyue Eclipse Collection”, or the shooting techniques, storyboards and image metaphors full of Chinese flavors, they are full of “Chinese flavors”. Relying on its huge overseas player group, Yuanshen has exported a wave of Chinese flavors to hundreds of millions of overseas players in the form of games.

The “Global Times” believes that the spread of “Li Lunar Eclipse Collection” at home and abroad is phenomenal. Yuanshen’s move is a manifestation of the continuous crystallization and sublimation of the Chinese experience of the mobile Internet. “Liyue Eclipse Collection” and “Goddess Split View” also rely on Yuanshen’s strong communication power and wide audience, and have made considerable achievements. The high-dimensional media effect achieved by the traditional media has achieved the effect of cultural “going out” that the traditional media have been striving for. This review of the Global Times undoubtedly highly recognized and praised Yuanshen’s contribution to cultural dissemination. It can be seen that games as cultural products, in addition to entertainment, can also become a new era of Internet. cultural carrier. Games that incorporate cultural elements can form a hugely influential cultural spread after going overseas, and Genshin Impact is an excellent example of it.

So how did Genshin go step by step to the point where it seems that he can spread Chinese culture to the world with such ease? First of all, the quality of the game itself should be excellent and the content should be full and rich. Genshin Impact players all know that since the Genshin Impact beta test, the game content is visibly progressing at a rocket speed, with more mature plot copy, richer and diverse decryption, eye-catching map modeling and amazing production capacity. , It can be said that players at home and abroad are obvious to all. With the excellent gameplay as the game itself, Genshin Impact first attracted the attention of a large number of players.

In the production process, the Yuanshen team intentionally incorporated many excellent cultures from all over the world: Liyue has both Zhangjiajie, Huanglong, and various Chinese cultures with profound connotations; Rice Wife has a deep understanding of Japanese architecture and element styles. The control of the music makes many players unable to take their eyes off; Xumi is a heavyweight. From the point of view of the music style alone, Mr. Chen Zhiyi and the Mihayou music team have shown an amazing production level, which has also made players from all over the world feel good about it. Impressed by the cultural content. Therefore, relying on the quality of the game to gain the love of the players, then adding a large number of excellent cultural elements of the world to the game, and relying on the attention of the players to spread the views and content that they want to export, is the first step for Yuanshen to cultural export.

The second is to establish communication with the player group, so as to obtain excellent feedback from the overseas player group. Everyone knows that in the process of disseminating an opinion, it is not enough to only start without receiving. Obviously, after overseas players are shocked and attracted by the quality and gameplay of Genshin, they will naturally pay attention to the parts of Genshin except the game. Since “Goddess Splitting View” is a cutscene in the game, let’s not mention it for the time being. “Li Moon Eclipse Collection” was released overseas by Yuanshen on the official website and was not embedded in the game. That is to say, “Li Moon Eclipse Collection” is a “cultural column” that can only be seen by players who pay attention to the dynamics outside the Yuanshen game. Only this, “Li Moon Eclipse Collection” can also get players from the United Kingdom, Japan and many other regions “drool drooling because of Chinese food”. It can be seen that overseas players are very impressed with the cultural content that Yuanshen is doing.

Finally, it is the point of view that Yuanshin held at the beginning of production: games are a kind of cultural products, and content is king. This is the speech made by the president of Mihayou Da Weigra at the 2022 Shanghai Game Elite Summit, and it is also the concept that the Yuanshen production team has always adhered to during the development process. As a game, it has a large audience in itself, so making good content is the core competitiveness of a game. As a domestic game going overseas, Genshin Impact assumes “cultural responsibility” in addition to the gameplay. By adding Chinese culture and cultures from all over the world into the game and then spreading it, using the digital media of the game, let the domestic and foreign The player group understands the beauty of China and the beauty of the world.

At a time when games are becoming more and more popular overseas, more and more domestic games have gone abroad and are fighting for their own world overseas. As a typical example of domestic overseas games, Genshin Impact has been unanimously recognized by players and media at home and abroad, both in terms of game quality and game connotation. I believe that Yuanshen will bring us more amazing content in the future production, let us look forward to and enjoy the fun of Yuanshen together!