Global revenue ranking of Chinese mobile game publishers in September 2022: a total of $1.88 billion in revenue

The Sensor Tower store intelligence platform shows that in September 2022, Chinese mobile game publishers attracted a total of US$1.88 billion in the global App Store and Google Play, accounting for 38.3% of the global TOP100 mobile game publishers’ revenue.

Mihayou’s “Genshin Impact” celebrates its 2nd anniversary. On the anniversary of September 28, the game topped the best-selling iOS mobile game charts in China and Japan, and ranked No. 2 on the iOS mobile game best-selling charts in the United States. At the same time, the 6.0 version of “Honkai 3” launched on September 15 brings players a lot of new content and activities such as new characters and new weapons. Driven by these two games, Mihayou’s mobile revenue in this period increased by 5% month-on-month.

Survivor!.io, the new game of Haibi Network, continued its strong market performance. In the Korean market where there are many MMORPG masterpieces, the game ranked sixth on the mobile game best-selling list in September, surpassing the mobile game “Dungeon and Warriors”, and contributed 81.3% of the publisher’s global revenue. The revenue of Haibi Network increased by 70% again, and the ranking improved by 9 and entered the top ten.

“League of Legends Mobile Games” ushered in the 3.4 version update. Driven by two new heroes, the game’s September revenue increased by 52% month-on-month. With two other heroes arriving in late October and early November, game revenue is set to hit a new peak again.

The 6th anniversary of the national service of “Onmyoji” opened on September 21. With the launch of the new SSR shikigami and massive activities, the game revenue increased by 122% month-on-month, returning to the 12th place on the list.