Global mobile game revenue list in September: Diablo Immortal is left behind, Yuan Shen attracts $130 million and surpasses PUBGM

The mobile game market is always changing, and in the latest global mobile game revenue list released by the Sensor Tower store, the rankings of many games have changed. Compared with the previous month, the payment data of global mobile game players in the App Store and Google Play in September fell by 14% year-on-year, but several domestic mobile games at the top still performed strongly.

TOP 10 global mobile game revenue list in September: 1. “Honor of Kings” 2. “Genshin Impact” 3. “PUBG” mobile game 4. “Candy Crush Saga” 5. “Roblox” 6. “Gold Coin Master” 7. “Paradise M” 8. “Pokémon GO” 9. “Jockey Girl” 10. “DBZ Dokkan Battle”

 The flowing TOP10 list, the iron-clad “Glory of the King”

In September, “Honor of Kings” doubled to the top of the global mobile game revenue list, creating a data of 190 million US dollars. The recent update of Season 29 and the release of a series of skins have given players more reasons to invest in the game.

As in previous periods, 94.5% of the revenue of “Honor of Kings” comes from the Chinese IOS market. Since its official release, “Honor of Kings” has been ranked at the top of the list for many consecutive times, and has never fallen out of the top three in terms of revenue. With its excellent performance in the domestic market, the status of “Honor of Kings” still cannot be shaken in the short term.

Actively seeking opportunities to open up overseas markets is what “Honor of Kings” is doing. How to spread the game content and heroic characters with national characteristics is the next point to be considered in “Honor of Kings”. The international version of “Honor of Kings”, which is currently under preparation, may become a breaking point to change the current situation.

With 26 billion yuan in gold in two years, “Yuan Shen” opens up the international market

“Genshin Impact” surpassed the “PUBG” mobile game last month and became the second most profitable mobile game in the world, generating $130 million in revenue in a single month. At the same time, “Yuan Shen” also ushered in its second anniversary.

Up to now, the total revenue created by “Yuan Shen” has reached 3.6 billion US dollars (about 26 billion yuan). In terms of international influence, domestic mobile games have not been able to outperform. Different from the revenue data of “Honor of Kings”, most of the revenue data comes from China, and 57% of the revenue of “Genshin Impact” comes from overseas markets.

As the birthplace of the two-dimensional culture, Japan, the income contributed to “Yuan Shen” accounted for 22.7% of the total income data.

The current “Yuan Shen” has long been not limited to positioning itself as a simple two-dimensional mobile game. The “Yuan Shen” online concert, which opened not long ago, has also received unprecedented attention. The feedback obtained by repeatedly linking up with the catering giants shows the continuous expansion of the IP influence of “Yuan Shen”.

With the game “Yuan Shen” as a medium, more and more foreign players have begun to understand domestic games. Taking the “Yuan Shen” game as a divergence point, this IP may one day become a hit with real international influence.

“Diablo: Immortal”, which attracted 100 million yuan in eight weeks, fell out of the top 10 income list

On the global mobile game revenue TOP10 list in August, “Diablo: Immortal”, which once ranked sixth, disappeared from the list of this update. Compared to the early days of its release, the popularity of “Diablo: Immortal” has dropped significantly today.

As a work jointly developed by the two industry giants Blizzard and NetEase, “Diablo: Immortal” was a huge success at first. After only eight weeks of launch (the national server version is delayed), the revenue data broke through 1 One hundred million U.S. dollars. The game mode of well-known IP+-driven gameplay has once again proved its uniqueness.

But since its release in early June, and now that it’s about to enter November, the discussion of “Diablo: Immortal” has inevitably declined. The gradual saturation of players is on the one hand, and the update frequency of the game also affects the desire of players to krypton gold to a certain extent. For a mobile game, players often need more new content to keep it fresh.

Most of the games on the September revenue list are familiar faces, but one game is an exception. It’s the DBZ Dokkan Battle that replaced Diablo: Immortal.

“DBZ Dokkan Battle”, the “old man” who periodically rises every year

“DBZ Dokkan Battle”, released in 2014, can be regarded as one of the oldest games on the global mobile game revenue TOP10 list in September, but it still maintains a strong vitality to this day.

Backed by Bandai Namco Palace, and with the super IP blessing of “Dragon Ball” in the history of animation, the total revenue of “DBZ Dokkan Battle” in the past 7 years has reached 3 billion US dollars. As a leader in puzzle-solving RPG games, “DBZ Dokkan Battle” also has a strong influence in Japan.

Unlike other games, the revenue data of “DBZ Dokkan Battle” will have a relatively large cyclical fluctuation throughout the year. Usually in February and July every year, its revenue data will have a significant increase. Because during this period, the official will open various discount activities.

The revenue data of “DBZ Dokkan Battle” in September increased by 82% compared with August, which is due to another grand linkage event of “DBZ Dokkan Battle”. It is also by virtue of this activity that the single-month gold absorption data of “DBZ Dokkan Battle” reached 58 million US dollars.

In Japan, the “capital of animation”, various IP mobile games are constantly re-engraving the road to success.


Throughout September, global mobile game players contributed $6.2 billion, down from previous periods. However, American players still ranked first, accounting for 28.7%; Japanese players followed closely, accounting for 18.5%; Chinese players only ranked third, accounting for 17.1%. Considering that the mobile game market often fluctuates, the situation is bound to pick up near the end of the year.

So which game did you invest in the most in September?