Give players a “gold finger”! The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” tells everyone that if you want to be a hero, you don’t have to have a good liver

The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, which just finished the blind box test, dropped a blockbuster to the domestic MMO game circle!

As a player who has been immersed in the end game against the water for many years, after the in-depth experience of the entire testing period, it can be said with certainty and responsibility that in terms of subversiveness, the mobile game “Reverse the Water” really, really brings the market to the market. There are huge shocks and surprises, and even, it is completely different from all traditional MMO games!

Intuitive presentation of the true cosmic experience of thousands of people and thousands of faces

The term metaverse has been mentioned frequently in recent years. Its essence is: “Humans use digital technology to build, mirror or surpass the real world”, and in the metaverse world, the difference between individuals is the most important thing that is repeatedly emphasized.

In order to present this difference intuitively, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has invested a lot of energy in the face pinching system, whether it is the production of preset faces and head shapes, or the dynamic capture of facial expressions, just like every real life. Individuals are unique, and face-pinch designers have always implemented the concept of “thousands of people, thousands of faces”.

There are many presets available for players to choose from the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, all of which are handsome men and women in ancient costumes that meet the public’s aesthetics. After all, the development team has referenced nearly a hundred bones from film, theater, dance academies, and even stars whose names cannot be disclosed for the time being. With such a preset base, it is difficult to imagine whether the pinched character looks good or not.

The face-pinching system of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” gives players a very high degree of freedom, and there are dozens of choices for eye color alone. Deep, bright, gloomy, sharp… all the colors you want are available here, and settings such as eyebrows, makeup, etc., are as close to reality as possible while ensuring enough choices. real people in.

What is even more rare is that the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” also portrays the characters’ expressions in nuanced detail. Even the same face can give a completely different look and feel by changing its style.

The ignorance when he first entered the arena and the perseverance after the events of the world can be seen from the character’s face at a glance. In addition to facial features and facial expressions, players can even adjust different body shapes such as height, short, fat and thin according to their own wishes. And this series of extremely intelligent face pinching systems is precisely what shocked the author the most.

When the author created his first character in the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, he deeply realized the true meaning of “various appearances”. , a unique role, no matter from which point of view is particularly valuable.

 The magnificent world of the big world, the big rivers and lakes

In the design of the entire map, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” follows the grand concept of self-end games, and perfectly depicts a magnificent scene of “big world, big rivers and lakes”, such as Taoxi Village, where the dream begins, and prosperous Tokyo. Bianliang City, Cizhou with mountains full of flowers, Yanmen Pass with flames everywhere, etc… The rich elements and visual experience of each map can bring players a kind of “This is actually a mobile game” ?” The shocking feeling!

In this gorgeous map, there are too many details worth exploring, and switching between different map scenes has never been a simple matter for MMO games. However, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” perfectly avoided that sense of disobedience in its own way.

For example, leading to the mist-shrouded Sanqing Mountain, the vehicle used by the character is the crane. The first time I went to Bianliang to deliver a letter, I was walking slowly in a boat against the sunset. With the help of Muyuan players to and from different stations on various maps, there will be ripples like water droplets spreading when starting the mission, and the scene changes will be completed according to the trend… These seem very reasonable content, people will not feel the drama at all . The sense of immersion it brings is one of the important promoters of the “untouched picture” in the game.

There is no automatic pathfinding system in the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, but this did not make the author feel any discomfort. The process of everyone using Qinggong to hurry on the road is actually a process of exploring the entire open world. The author has the experience of slipping into a river and accidentally harvesting a treasure chest. We mentioned earlier that the entire map uses the station as the teleportation point, but in addition to the mission requirements, the unlocking of most of the stations actually requires players to measure with their feet.

In fact, even while working on the main quest, I occasionally get caught up in other things along the way. It may be a child who can’t get the kite off a tree, or a couple arguing for unknown reasons. Maybe the reward they get after helping them solve their troubles does not always meet expectations, but the author can deeply feel this. It’s a real arena.

Chatting with NPCs in the streets and alleys can also be rewarding, and almost every NPC will give direct feedback on the players’ behavior. There is a passionate blacksmith Tang Zhu in Bianliang City, and he likes people who are loyal and righteous! Talk to him, and you can get a set of martial arts skills.

The passerby NPC is not a “feeling” sticker. When you slap the head of the NPC with fire, they will hug their heads and complain loudly. Learning people come up empty-handed? If found, they will be reprimanded loudly. Or even more serious, you, who are the best friends of the six door gods, will be reported by the NPC, and then you will be listed on the wanted list! These reactions are very close to the truth, and they are quite a bit of Jianghu temperament, not just one simple tool person after another.

Listening to the shouts of roadside vendors and the various dialect accents of passers-by… Unconsciously, it seems that you can really return to the rivers and lakes of a thousand years ago, and you can really experience What is “big hidden in the world”. This experience also taught me for the first time that MMO games have a third way besides liver and krypton – to explore the wonderfulness of the entire open world with a curious heart!

In this blind box test, the open maps are actually only a part. Maps such as Southern Xinjiang, Dali, Liao, Kunlun in the Western Regions, Donghai, and Bashu will be launched in the future. I believe that will bring more colorful and colorful to the players. game experience!

The real butterfly effect of the wings rolled up and the sea and the wind is like this!

World exploration full of surprises, nuanced gameplay settings, and of course a wonderful plot full of whimsy. In the process of pushing the main line, players are bound to experience the content of Tianshui Lane for the first time, and then they will bump into the drama of making things difficult for weak women in Gao Yanei.

Most of the people here must be talking with their fists to beat the other party. But if you know enough about the situation in advance, when facing Gao Yanei, just relying on the “three-inch incorrupt tongue” can make the other party flee in disgrace. And the weakness of Gao Yanei that I accidentally heard here is the key element that can directly affect the content of the subsequent stories.

Not only the main storyline, but also many branch lines have similar settings. The player’s choice and the level of understanding of the whole thing will affect the subsequent development of the story. And these really “butterfly effect”-like settings, so that every player can personally feel what a wing is, and the sea is windy!

The author has almost never experienced such an extraordinary experience before coming into contact with the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”. Its good intentions, thoughtful consideration, and far-reaching design make players in this game often feel A very satisfying sense of happiness!

 How does the gameplay stand out? Let’s see how far the rivers and lakes are

I have talked so much before, but to judge the pros and cons of a game, the gameplay is a topic that cannot be avoided no matter what. In essence, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” is still an MMO-type online game, and the social and dungeon gameplay is still one of the points that players pay the most attention to.

Filling enough gameplay in a limited space without giving people a sense of disobedience, the main creators of the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” have expanded and expanded based on the background and core of the times in the game.

Walking on the street, you may encounter Xiao Zhu Kuai, who was on the first day of the job, and was questioned by the unsolved case. Questioning one by one, looking for evidence, finding loopholes, and slowly peeling off the cocoon to find the real murderer… You can be a “Reverse Referee” on the streets of Bianliang.

Team up with your friends to clear the dungeon, and after 300 rounds of battle with the enemy, the opponent flees, and you follow closely behind. As a result, the style of painting changed, and the 3D game suddenly became an ink-style 2D horizontal version game… This is an alternative “dimensionality reduction attack”.

There is also the very unique “Jinghu Feiyin” level; in a regular dungeon, everyone flickers and moves in a 3D perspective to have a fierce confrontation with the BOSS, but “Jinghu Feiyin” is different. In the second stage of the dungeon, the game screen will be directly transformed into a bird’s-eye view, and the player’s skills and attack methods will be transformed into “barrage shooting”.

Familiar people can recognize this is the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold”, but it is not surprising that it is regarded as “Thunder Fighter” if you don’t know it?

In addition to the gameplay, the differences between each BOSS in the game are also very large. Abandoning the stereotypes of the dungeon bosses in other MMO games, such as “infinite hegemony”, “human-shaped stakes”, and “blood is thick and high”, the bosses in the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” focus on highlighting an intelligence and sensitivity, and their performance is more Being close to real people and being able to give feedback like players in PVP is obviously a very big improvement.

Subverting the tradition and interpreting the real difference with heart is what the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” is doing, and it is also the fun that every player can experience in the game. Boundless, boundless, inexhaustible.

 Is the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” really bad? Really not liver!

In the world of martial arts, acquiring exercises and moves is also an essential element. In the past, players may need to spend a lot of time repeatedly brushing dungeons for experience, equipment, internal strength, and weapon materials. However, the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has greatly reduced the difficulty of acquiring these items. Treasure chests everywhere and triggerable events can help you become a hero faster.

The mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” combines Jianghu moves with exploration elements, allowing players to obtain martial arts stunts while also relying on these stunts to obtain new rewards. For example, use [Fire and Fire] to open the treasure chest wrapped in vines (fire wood), use [Golden Hammer to shake the ground] to break open the treasure chest wrapped in soil (Golden Earth), etc., while playing the game, it can also entertain and teach Experience the essence of many traditional cultures.

Of course, in fact, there are far more than five treasure chest puzzles that can be solved using the principle of mutual restraint of the five elements, but as many as dozens, but this is only a small part of the exploration content, just in the “novice village” Taoxi Village , Sanqingshan, there are countless puzzles and treasure chests waiting for you. Some content is relatively simple, and you can get rewards by “watching the breath”, and some content requires a little wisdom, such as identifying the direction of the air flow, the principle of the five elements, and even a little bit of movement in the operation.

In addition to solving puzzles, exploring, and opening treasure boxes to obtain martial arts stunts, various adventures can also help players. All kinds of peerless magical powers may be hidden behind an inconspicuous Feiliu waterfall or under a cliff. In places that people usually don’t pay attention to and seldom go to, there are unexpected major surprises hidden!

I don’t think I am someone who has the patience to upgrade my account, but the word “natural” can fully describe the whole mental journey of the author to participate in the blind box test. Because in this process, you do not need to deliberately pursue anything. Abundant exploration elements and generous rewards even allow you to achieve the feat of becoming a “novice village” at full level without having to be like “Shilipo Sword God”.

At least after experiencing the blind box test, the author believes that the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” is qualified to shout the slogan “No Liver, No Krypton”.


“Ning Ming to live, not to die without silence” originally came from the famous poem “Ling Wu Fu” by Fan Zhongyan of the Song Dynasty. In the game “Reverse Water Cold”, it is an overview of the personal ideals and aspirations of the character Bai Choufei, and this is also “Reverse Water”. The expectations for the game “Ting Yu”, the producer of the mobile game “Cold”.

The game creators know exactly what players want, so they did not make the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” into a “end game replica”. Instead, he corrected his attitude, and from the very beginning, he spread out with the core point of “the change of MMO games is now”, in order to bring works that are different from traditional MMO games.

Judging from the results of this blind box test, I think that the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” has indeed done it.

Although there are still some small problems in the current mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” (the picture quality is full, the mobile phone becomes hot, and the PVP matching time is too long), but considering that this is only an internal test, you don’t need to worry too much. Things are bound to change when the official beta comes into play.

As a game player, of course, as a gamer, I have to agree with the idea of ​​​​the mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” “slashing the world and rebuilding the universe”. Next, everyone will stay tuned and witness this extremely subversive game. MMO mobile game online now!