Getting back together? Kuaishou resumes cooperation between Taobao and the shopping cart function has been tested

On October 28, Kuaishou, a short video platform, announced that it would resume its cooperation with Taobao and Jingdong, two major shopping platforms, to fully open the direct function of product links. At the same time, the shopping cart function is being tested in grayscale. It is reported that Kuaishou officially announced the launch of the mall channel in June this year to help merchants provide channels for quick order placement.

(Picture from: Kuaishou APP)

With the rapid development of live-streaming e-commerce, short video platforms have become a fast-rising e-commerce channel. Even Taobao and, two major e-commerce platforms, urgently signed the head of the short video platform before the double 11 pre-sale event this year. Ministry of goods anchors to expand the influence of live broadcast sales. On the other hand, Douyin, as the best-developed platform in short video e-commerce, has maintained a very high popularity in this year’s Double 11 event. Even if the head anchor temporarily leaves, there is still a good transaction volume, but “Nan Douyin” The Kuaishou in “Yinbei Kuaishou” is not so good.

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In fact, Kuaishou was the first to gain the love of a large number of young people in the short video field, but it was not active enough in content transformation and e-commerce channels, which gave Douyin an opportunity. Of course, it is also possible that in Kuaishou’s original development plan, “live streaming” and “e-commerce” were not considered at all, but this part could not be considered. This time, Kuaishou reopened the external chain function to Taobao and In addition to providing more convenience for Kuaishou merchants during the Double 11 Shopping Festival, it also took this opportunity to officially return to e-commerce channels and increase profitable projects.

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In addition to Kuaishou, many mainstream content platforms have chosen to “warm up with a group” in this year’s Double 11. Since September this year, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, and Kuaishou have been promoting Double Eleven promotional activities, especially Xiaohongshu. As a community platform with a large proportion of female users, it has chosen to cooperate with grass-growing bloggers. A variety of activities, focusing on food, beauty and clothing categories, in order to increase the transaction rate. The activities of these platforms have chosen to divert traffic to traditional e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and to tide over the difficulties together this year.

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It has to be said that although Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu and other platforms have good strength in their own fields, it seems that it is impossible to successfully occupy all the Internet tracks by fighting alone, especially when the overall consumption pattern begins to change. Under the premise, Kuaishou, as a popular short video platform, makes good use of its own advantages is the key. Of course, Kuaishou’s initiative to open the external chain is a good start. After all, consumers, merchants and advertising service providers are more willing to see multi-channel e-commerce services, rather than stick to a single platform.

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