George Martin has not played the old man ring because he is afraid of delaying the progress of the novel

I quit the game, I believe that I will be able to see the sixth volume of “A Song of Ice and Fire” soon, right?

Three years ago, the “Game of Thrones” series officially ended, and the sixth volume of the original “A Song of Ice and Fire” kept fans waiting for 11 years (probably longer), aiming at book fans With the fans’ turn to “request”, although there is no news of a new work, the author George R.R. Martin recently revealed at least one relatively positive message:

In order for the new novel to be released as soon as possible, he didn’t even have time to start playing “Ayrden Circle”.

As we all know, George Martin is responsible for part of the screenwriting work in “Ayrden Circle” and is responsible for the construction of the basic worldview. But now that more than half a year has passed since the game was released, he recently stated on a late night talk show in the United States that he has never played the game.

Although George Martin is not a game fan now, in past interviews, he admitted that he was briefly addicted to video games a long time ago, and his most frequently played works at that time were “Railroad Tycoon”, “Galaxy Overlord” and “Home” series.

He once said that it’s not that he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t play games. On the contrary, it is because he “likes it so much” that being addicted to games will always lead to delays in writing. When recalling his gaming experience, George Martin said that he had been addicted to games for several months, always thinking of “play for a while, and then play for a while”, until he realized that “you will die if you go on like this”. Close hand.

Because of this, although George Martin once praised the game “Ayrdon Circle” on his blog, until today, he still said that “if you are addicted to it, the new work will be postponed”.

Then there is no game, what is Mr. Martin doing? Of course it is writing. All fans are looking forward to the sixth volume of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and Martin himself has admitted that “I am still writing it, but it is not as fast as you think.”


Now that this has been said, I can only hope that George Martin, who gave up the old man’s ring for work, can make the sixth volume of the cake as soon as possible.