Genshin Impact: Yae Kamiko Rui commented on the movie sauce, how interesting can the mutual comment voice between characters be?

In Genshin Impact, it seems that each character has several wonderful social relationships, and as the plot progresses, this layer of relationship will be further extended, and sometimes some different sparks will collide-“Plato”, Ah Mr. Bedo escaped from Tivat overnight.

At the same time, the characters will also evaluate some characters in the social range based on the traveler’s questions. Although the words in this are mostly sincere words, there are occasionally some more interesting fragments. As for which ones? Let’s take a look at it together~!

NO.1: The teasing of the pink fox

The bad woman Yae Kamiko has grown from an innocent little fox who can only be easily attracted by fried tofu to the present. I really don’t know what has happened in the past few hundred years (perhaps this is talent). The top can easily handle the traveler, and the bottom can play the shadow sauce in the palm of her hand; although her evaluation of the shadow is meant to be ridiculed, it is not bad when you think about it carefully, after all, the arrogant people of the shadow sauce are all Look in the eyes.

NO.2: Miss Hina’s fear

As the middle person of Miss Hina, what happened to Goro can be described as “tragic”. In addition to daily operations, Goro is also responsible for replying to the question and answer column in the “Gossip Monthly” published by Yaedo, and his tone is extremely gentle. Therefore, the majority of the senders believed that Goro (the editor withheld his name) is definitely an understanding big sister. But what really drove the senders crazy was the “holster” tailored by Yae Kamiko according to Goro, which is the portrait of Miss Hina – Ara Taki Ichito: “Hina, you make me crazy!”.

As a result, Yae Kamiko’s “concern” for Goro on weekdays has long overwhelmed the latter; in the event plot, Goro was ruthlessly manipulated by the pink fox again, in exchange for books at the price of the appearance of women’s clothing in the future. This batch of operations really made our general Goro feel numb in his scalp, and the evaluation in the picture seems very real.

NO.3: Well-known wine Mengzi

As Mond’s well-known wine Mengzi, the other two gods plus Diona’s evaluation of him was surprisingly unanimous – too drinkable. Especially Mr. Zhong, when he mentioned Wendy, his tone was a little annoyed (not elegant enough), and Ying Jiang also felt that the two could not get along a little; I’m sure we’ll find out in about a month or so.

At this time, let’s turn our attention to Wendy. In the face of the above two gods’ critical comments, he didn’t care at all; he even wanted to take the old wine to see the retired old man, but he was afraid of being beaten. In the evaluation of Shadow Sauce, Wendy secretly told us about her weakness; presumably at the gathering of the gods, the shadow warrior, who was a shadow warrior, saw the dessert on the table, and then Wendy noticed it. Bar.

NO.4: Who is this person?

Faced with questions from travelers, most of the characters in Genshin Impact will be evaluated based on their names, but there are occasional exceptions. “What do you think of Ara Taki Ichito?”, “Who?”; Good guy, this is a bit heartbreaking. But to be honest, it is normal for Yingjiang not to know Yidou; you must know that although Yidou is famous, Yingjiang is a person who does not like to go out. If it can’t reach her ears, it can’t be evaluated.

NO.5: Keli’s teacher

Claire only did three things after she got out of the confinement room, frying fish! Fried fish! Or fried fish! So in order to prevent Keli from being infinitely reincarnated between the confinement room and Xingluo Lake, the knights brought a good person Kaiya to prepare a copy of the “Knights Survival Code” for Keli, and even took the initiative to cover for Keli when she made a mistake. , how much makes people a little tearful.

So the above is the whole content of this article. If you still think that there are other characters who have their own grass effect, please leave a message in the comment area below and chat with other travelers~!