Genshin Impact: What is the re-engraving that is often said, how many days does the card pool usually re-engraving? How about novice character maid Noelle

What does “Genshin Impact” mean?

Genshin Impact means the character’s return, that is, the reappearance of a character’s up pool.

Under normal circumstances, 1 card pool lasts for 21 days, and 13 pools will take about a day to be re-engraved. It will take about a month or so before there will be a second chance to reproduce. It includes the growth of the role, which is relatively reasonable.

The official game background setting is like this

Here is the fantasy world “Tivat” where seven elements meet. In the distant past, people were given the power of driving elements through their belief in gods and were able to build their homes in the wilderness.

Five hundred years ago, the destruction of the ancient kingdom caused the world to mutate. Today, the disasters sweeping the continent have ceased, but peace has yet to come.

As the protagonist of the story, you have drifted from outside the world to the earth. In this vast world, you will travel freely, meet companions, and find the seven gods who control the elements of the earth, until you are reunited with separated blood relatives.

①Character acquisition is high

Due to the existence of the novice pool, basically most travelers have the role of the maid Noelle

②Noble Total Damage Resist Shield

Due to the speciality of its rock element shield, Noelle’s shield has a % absorption of total damage

(Similar to Zhongli, it has % absorption for all elemental damage and physical damage)

③High shield value

Due to the particularity of the rock shield, in the case of a full-level holy relic, (the holy relic is the defensive hourglass, defensive cup, and defensive head, regardless of the adverb entry), it can have a shield value of up to .17, and it is still for In terms of total damage!

④Full coverage of the shield

With the elemental combat skill refresh effect of the high-precision sacrificial sword, it is just enough to complete a shield cycle, with a duration of 12 seconds and a cooling time of 24 seconds, just enough to cover the whole process!

Note: When the maid activates the elemental combat skills, it needs to approach the enemy and cause damage (that is, the trigger condition of the sacrificial ceremony), in order to refresh the elemental combat skills. The maid’s elemental combat skills have damage when they are activated.

⑤Intelligent insurance mechanism

Due to Noelle’s inherent talent “wholeheartedly”, when the character’s health on the field is lower than 30%, a rock element shield based on Noelle’s % defense power can be automatically generated to protect the player. The higher acquisition conditions of the sacrificial sword will kill a large number of ordinary travelers, but don’t be discouraged. There are other characters, please see below

1. Diona: Diona is a very good shield milk character, especially after unlocking the second life “Cat’s Claw Ice Shake”

Not only can it increase the absorption of the shield, that is, the shield value in our mouth, when releasing elemental combat skills, it can also provide other teammates on the field with a 50% effect of the cat’s claw freezing shield, which lasts for 5 seconds.

Not to mention that its elemental burst can also provide an ice field, which can provide additional recovery for the characters in the field while causing damage to monsters. Due to its low basic health, Diona’s shield is not as strong as she imagined.

When the character is at full level and the holy relic is also at full level (the holy relic is the hourglass of life, the cup of life, the head of life, regardless of the adverbs), and the element combat skill level is level 10, its shield value is only .66. When resisting non-ice attribute damage, it can be said to be broken with a stab, as thin as paper, and only when facing the ice element can it have a shield value of .15


With the high-precision ritual, it can complete the shield cycle and easily provide a large number of energy balls for the ice element characters in the team to recharge them, and unlock 6 lives “When the Cat’s Claw Tail Closes”

Afterwards, it can provide additional points of mastery for characters with more than 50% health in the field generated by the elemental explosion:

As the “housekeeping officer” of the Kami family, Thomas’s shield blessing ability is also very good. Whether it is elemental combat skills or elemental bursts, he can bless the characters on the field.

In particular, the inherent talent 1 “Overlapping Armor”,

When a character on the field acquires or refreshes [Flame Blessing Shield], it can increase the shield potency by an additional 5% each time, up to a stack of 25%, which can enhance a lot of shield value

After unlocking the six lives “Burning Heart”, you can also provide an additional 15% normal attack, critical attack and falling attack damage to the characters under the protection of [Flame Blessing Shield]. Resist non-fire element damage The ability is still weak, the shield is not particularly strong

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