Genshin Impact: Version bonus! How many Thunder Cs are there today?

With the addition of the grass system, the seven elements of “Genshin Impact” are all presented in front of the players, and the reactions between the various departments are also relatively detailed. Except for the rock system, other departments have various reactions.

The newly added grass type this time, the thunder type that benefits the most is actually the one that was abandoned. Now, let’s take a look at what big C’s are in the Thunder Department.

Ke Qing

To say that the most benefited, it should be Ke Qing. Before this, how long has it been since you used Master Carving to clear the abyss? The addition of grass elements this time made Master Ke, who has been in charge of the library for a long time, rise fiercely (not necessarily too strong).

The lineup of Kehuang Kezhong composed of Ke Qing is also a new lineup. Although the 4 characters are scraping characters (Little Amy has output, but it is not a strong deputy C level), they can play a chemical change together. .

Ke Qing can only return to “PVP” because of the intensified reaction, but it is only a “cheap team” with high cost performance. Auxiliary is also possible; the disadvantages are also obvious, the improvement of Keqing’s life seat is very low, the upper limit is also low, the output is average, and the output can only be improved by weapons.

The lineup of Kehuang Kezhong still has certain advantages against Jin Wanda, but whether it is due to the abyss buff is still unknown.


The addition of Sano has expanded the Thunder family a lot. In the past, only the Thor family was the only one, but now I finally see that there are other characters who can represent the Thunder family.

The lineup that Sino is in is currently a bit incomplete, and the auxiliary shaft lengths of hanging grass are not in line with Sino. Sino’s output is really not low, but the proportion of life seat and reaction is very high, and it needs a certain amount of rough stone support.

Sai Nuo is Xumi’s version of the big C, although this big C is improved by the life seat, but the 0 life Sai Nuo can also be used. The advantages of Sano are not obvious, but there are many “poison points”, such as charging, standing time, etc. If you can tolerate these, then Sano is also a very strong C position.

Before his debut, Sano’s target was Thor, but judging from his current performance, it is far inferior to Thor, and even with full life, Sano may not be able to beat Thor for 3 lives. Perhaps it is really “the future can be expected”.


Players all say that Thor is not a thunder god, she is a thunder god, and the effect she shows is indeed the same. Thor and Ye Lan are both very supermodel cards. These two are characters that are full of damage and functionality.

With the addition of grass elements this time, I thought that Thor could also drink soup, but the system formed by Thor itself is very strong. Whether it is Lei Guo or Lei Jiu, they are both strong lineups in the current version. .

At present, Thor is still the only one in the Thunder Department. Both the main and assistant C can be competent, and they have a good performance. Even if it is a single hang, Thor can also play the effect of a tool man.

These three thunder characters are all big Cs in the team. I wonder if there will be more powerful big Cs in the future? Let’s all look forward to it together.