“Genshin Impact” version 3.2 PV announced on November 2nd

“Yuan Shen” announced that the V3.2 version of “Void Incitement, Calamity Fire” will be launched on November 2nd. Today, a new PV was announced, let us enjoy it together.

“Genshin Impact” 3.2 version PV:

The secret project that brings together the power of the six schools of the Imperial Academy is about to reach its most crucial end.

After spending so much cost, time and energy, it will definitely pay off.

But whether the result is as expected, it may not be in their hands…


Al Heisen – Yang Chaoran

Dixia – Chen Yu

Naxida – Hua Ling

Layla – Hou Xiaofei

“Doctor” – Wu Lei

“Scavenger” – Deer

Paimon – Dodo

Nilu – Perilla September

Sino – Li Qingyang

Video screenshot: