“Genshin Impact” version 3.2 preview program broadcasts new character Naxida Layla debut

“Genshin Impact” version 3.2 preview program broadcasts new character Naxida Layla debut

“Yuan Shen” version 3.2 “Void Incitement, Calamity Fire” will be launched on November 2, 2022! On October 23, the preview live broadcast of the new version of “Genshin Impact” was officially broadcast, bringing rich content previews about the new version to travelers. In the new version, the new limited five-star character “Bai Cao Jinghua · Naxida (Grass)”, and the new four-star character “Evening Star · Layla (Ice)” will join the game. At the same time, the limited five-star characters “Liuyan Huawu·Xiaogong (Fire)”, “Floating World Smile Baizi · Yae Godko (Thunder)” and “”Young Master” Dadalia (Water)” will return. field.

The new characters Naxida and Layla are on the stage, and Yagiya, Yae-kami, and Dadalia are coming back

In the first character event prayer of version 3.2, the character event prayer “Blessing of the Moon Grass” and the character event prayer -2 “Flame-colored Tianhe” will be available in the game at the same time. The new limited five-star character “Bai Cao Jing Hua · Naxida (Grass)” will appear in the “Blessing of the Moon Grass” in the character event prayer, and “Liu Yan Hua Wu·Xiao Gong (Fire)” will appear in the character event prayer. Wish-2 “Flame-colored Tianhe” ushered in the return.

In the second version of the character event prayer, the character event prayer “Hua Zi Yingfei” and the character event prayer-2 “Farewell to the Winter Capital” will be opened, and Yae Miko and Dadalia will welcome The probability is UP, and the new four-star character “Evening Star Layla (Ice)” will appear in the character event prayers “Hua Zi Ying Fei” and “Farewell to the Winter Capital”, and the probability of obtaining it will be greatly increased.

Naxida, who lives deep in the Jingshan Palace, has always been ignored and rarely mentioned. She keeps learning all kinds of knowledge, just to grow into a qualified god faster. If the threat of “taboo” is not approaching day by day, why would she not want to take a break and see the countless creatures of Xumi with her own eyes? Now she can only see the colorful world in her dreams.

Layla, who studied at Lido Vatican College, specializes in theoretical astrology, drawing star maps and writing papers day and night. Because she is always fighting to the death with her studies, she lacks sleep for a long time and suffers from sleep problems. Even if she stares at a blank manuscript, she can see the stars circling in front of her eyes.

This is not the way to go, take a break, in order to face reality soberly. When I woke up, a bunch of stars appeared on the blank manuscript paper. Is this a “paradise essay”? Or “Blessing of the Stars”? Or…the legendary “sleepwalking”? ——There is no time to study it, and the next class will be directed at Layla again.

In addition to the new characters, the brand new limited five-star magic weapon “Qianye Floating Dream” will also meet players in version 3.2.

A new powerful enemy appears

The road to saving Nasida and Sumeru will be long, and the Fool’s Executioner Skirmishers will be the biggest obstacle on the traveler’s journey.

To defeat the skirmishers, the traveler needs to survive two phases of combat. During the first phase, the skirmisher manipulates a robotic arm, using a variety of elemental forces to attack you. In the second phase, skirmishers will show real power, and it is difficult to cause substantial damage with conventional attacks. However, there will be a floating “little assistant” that accompanies the traveler throughout this battle, and it will be the only way to break down defenses and attack the boss’ weak point.

In addition, the mission of the Demon God of Sumeru, “Agitate the Void, Raise the Fire of Calamity” will also usher in the final chapter in version 3.2. A series of important characters, such as the God of Grass, the Great Sage of the Church, and the Executive Officers of the Fools, will all appear on the stage.

The new version of the event “Smart Fungus Competition” is now available. Participating in the event can invite the character Dolly to join the team

In version 3.2, a competition of mushroom beasts held by a scholar, “Smart and Smart Mushroom Competition” was launched. You can use the special item “Intellectual Orb” to capture different mushroom beasts, train them and challenge others in battle. Competitors’ mushroom team. The competition also attracts Layla and a mysterious exotic guest. After completing the corresponding event challenges, you can also invite the four-star character “Dream Garden Zangjin Dolly (Lei)” to become a companion.

In addition to the theme activities of the version, the new version will also update the new challenge event “Adventurer’s Trial”, and the challenge event “Symphonic Poem of Wuxiang” will be opened again. The challenge monsters in the world will also perform a brand new Wuxiang symphony together with several other Wuxiang in this challenge event.

In addition, some very relaxing activities, “Department Strange Goods” and “Off-screen Travel Photos: Qingzhi Chapter” will also be launched in version 3.2. The “Copy” function will also be added to the dust song pot. With this new function, you can share your own layout plan, or copy other people’s dust song pot layout plan to your own dust song pot.

The new version of “Genshin Impact”, “Inspired by the Void, Raised the Fire” will be launched on November 2, 2022.