Genshin Impact: The Emperor’s Weapon Match Recommendations, Breakthrough Materials, Detailed Team Recommendations, Start from the Details

The relics and weapons of Zhongli in “Yuan Shen” are as follows:

Recommended weapons: Goma Staff > Lantern of the Rainbow>

Recommended holy relics: Shuangyan double clan, Shuangyan double gladiator, Shuangyan (the ancient rock) Shuangqianyan (thousand rock firm), health or attack hourglass, rock injury cup, burst injury or crit head, adverb entry chase Double burst, health, attack power, recharge.

“Yuan Shen” Zhongli Breakthrough Materials

Zhongli’s Level 20 breakthrough materials are: Firm Topaz Shards*1, Stone Amber*3, Slime Condensate*3.

Zhongli’s level 40 breakthrough materials are: Firm Topaz Fragment*3, Tower of Black Rock*2, Shiba*10, Slime Condensate*15.

Zhongli’s level 50 breakthrough materials are: Firm Topaz Fragment*6, Black Rock Tower*4, Shipo*20, Slime Qing*12.

Zhongli’s level 60 breakthrough materials are: Firm Topaz Block*3, Tower of Black Rock*8, Shipo*30, Slime Qing*18.

Zhongli’s level 70 breakthrough materials are: Firm Topaz Block*6, Black Rock Tower*12, Shiba*45, Slime Puree*12.

The materials for Zhongli’s level 80 breakthrough are: Strong Topaz x6, Tower of Black Rock x20, Shiba x60, Slime Puree x24.

The auxiliary sacred relics and weapons of Zhongli in “Yuan Shen” are as follows:

1. Holy Relics

Holy relics recommend clan 4-piece set, Panyan 2+ clan 2, Panyan 4-piece set, clan 4-piece set is especially suitable for characters like Zhongli who cut the main C output after releasing the ultimate move, which can increase the team’s role by 20 % of the attack power, and the rock 4-piece suit is very suitable for Zhongli’s skills.

2. Weapons

1. The Staff of the Bodyguard

High burst damage increase, and also has the effect of additional health value; the compatibility with Zhongli is very good, and the increase of health value can obtain a thicker shield. The full level of up to 66.2% of the blast damage and passive weapon damage increase can allow the deputy C Zhongli to play a higher output.

2. Hepu kite

It has extremely high versatility and adaptability, and can fit most of the role of long-handed weapons; at the same time, the weapon itself also has a high value preservation rate; using Zhongli can provide a stable crit rate and a good attack/full rate. Damage Amplification Benefit.

Zhongli’s recommended lineup

Zhongli’s three-ice team lineup recommendation: Chongyun (talent does not reduce ice resistance, and assists output), Zhongli (shield resistance reduction, Panyan four increases damage), Shen He (EQ skill bonus ice injury), Shenli (big recruit output).

As a kind of pure ice team, this lineup has a very obvious overall resistance reduction effect in the game, almost reducing the enemy’s ice resistance by half, and has a very obvious damage bonus in the battle, but its cost is very high. , two of the three five-stars in the team are appearing near, so everyone can do what they can.

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