Genshin Impact shared the replicable dust song pot, version 3.2 has not yet come, 11 sets of plans have been released!

From the preview of Genshin Impact 3.2, players can know that in addition to the conclusion of the skirmishers and Xumi plots that are about to enter this week, the daily gameplay of the Dust Song Pot will also add a copy function. After the 3.2 version update, players can directly copy their favorite building plans into the pot, so that they can also own a “mansion”. However, at present, Yuanshen 3.2 has not been updated, but the “Yuanhu” boss has selflessly shared, and released 11 sets of construction plans, so that everyone can express their thanks.

The player named “Feng Xiaochen” is a very famous “master architect” of the original Shenchen song pot. Since the birth of the dust song pot function, he has designed many amazing architectural combinations, which can not only control various regional styles, but also know each architectural structure very well. And it is such a big player. Before the official update of the 3.2 dust song pot copy function, he released 11 sets of plans that will be shared with everyone for free.

Among the 11 sets of plans shared by this boss, there are various styles of Liyue, Xumi, and Rice wife. Whether it is landscape gardens, dreamy cherry blossoms or the majestic chill of the desert, you can see them in these 11 sets of plans. And such dust song pot works require players to spend a lot of time and effort to be born. Therefore, the boss is willing to share his beloved works, which also shows that he is willing to hand over his hard work to the players to enjoy and protect together.

As soon as the work was released, it quickly became a hit, and the number of broadcasts increased rapidly. Because the content is too delicate, and Feng Xiaochen has said a lot about his creative experience and mental journey, he will also release the sharing code as soon as the 3.2 Chen Song Pot is updated. He said that he will definitely protect these works and protect the originality of the big guys.

And because this video of the big guy is relatively cutting-edge, it has also caused some Yuanshen players to look forward to and discuss the copy function of the dust song pot. Some players think that everyone likes beautiful works, but hope that after the launch of the function, everyone can pay attention to originality, and appeal to players not to be a “hand party” and to show respect for the work of the original author. I have to say that some people are willing to share, some are willing to be grateful, the game atmosphere of Genshin Impact is really good!

Undoubtedly, the function of Yuanshen’s dust song pot is a very successful design. Whether it is from the game experience level or technical level brought to players, the dust song pot is enough to make Yuanshen players fall in love with it. There are many big players who built and optimized them carefully, and gave birth to well-known architectural schemes such as “Suzhou Garden” and “Flower Sea Swing”. And since Yuanshen announced the imminent launch of the copy function, many Yuanhu bosses have gradually disclosed their design works, expressing a very strong desire to share. It can be said that the official has not released yet, and players are already itching to wait!

In general, the gameplay of the original Shenchen song pot is very diverse, and it is very difficult for the author to spend a lot of time and brainpower to produce a set of excellent design works. Therefore, even if Yuanshen has launched the copy function of the Chensong pot, everyone must not forget the original appearance of these works, protect the originality, respect the author, and while enjoying the fruits of the work of the bosses, you can also give back to the bosses through your own thanks. , to create a warm and happy game atmosphere!