Genshin Impact players learn 200-chapter sheet music, just to commemorate deceased friends, the ultimate bard

Among the many props of Yuanshen, Qin is definitely the most popular one. The piano allows players to play their favorite songs with a simple sheet music interface, so many “original piano” players who are very good at playing the piano have also been born. However, recently, a player encountered a slightly different “Yuanqin” boss during his travels. The experience of this boss made the player give a high evaluation of the true Fengshen “Bard”.

The reason is that the “Yuanqin” boss entered the world of the Yuanshen player and played a lot of moving music. From the “Original Qin” boss in the process of talking with the players, we can know that the boss has probably mastered more than 200 music scores, which can be said to have played the original piano to the extreme. But what the big guy shared next was a very sad experience.

The boss used to know a girl who also played Yuanqin, and the two often listened to each other playing the piano together in Yuanshen. It was only later that the girl passed away, and the boss couldn’t hear the girl playing the piano for her again. In order to commemorate this friendship, the gang learned more than 200 music scores, visited the world of many travelers, and played music for the travelers. When meeting this player, the boss said: “There are a lot of original violinists in this world, and I will replace them.” A simple sentence made many players cry, and for this reason, the players gave a high evaluation of “Bard”.

Later, the big guy played a lot of songs in the player’s world, some happy and lively, and some slightly sad. But behind these songs is the deep friendship between the boss and the deceased girl. It is not difficult for many Yuanshen players to think of the legendary quest “If you are trapped in a windless land” by Wendy, especially the sentence Wendy said at the end of the task, “The soul of an old friend, please leave it to me.” It has become the heartfelt emotion of players in the process of listening to the big guy playing the piano.

At the bottom of this video, the big guy briefly narrated his past with the girl in words, and some players shared the various stories they had experienced because of Yuanshen. The story started with Yuanshen and came with the sound of the piano, but after the imperfect ending, the good memories and the sound of the piano remained in my mind. Yuanshen has made many players bond with each other and have a precious and beautiful relationship.

Although this story is a bit sad, this sincere feeling has moved many Genshin Impact players. But apart from this incident, Yuanshen actually has more examples of healing and connecting players in his life. For example, a player met a 50-year-old aunt who loved games in Yuanshen, and the two had a “cross-age” soul communication, allowing the player to bluntly say “Auntie cured my mental internal friction”. During the dialogue, the player seemed to confide and discuss many life problems to the aunt, and the aunt said to the player, “People should face both good and bad things happily, and they can overcome any hurdles.” Maybe this sentence is not a universal famous saying, but I believe that for this player, this sentence is worth remembering for a long time.

There are also foreign players who left messages on social media, expressing that he and his estranged brothers began to communicate again because of Yuanshen, allowing him to regain the beautiful family that he once thought was lost. Now he and his brothers will often discuss the updates and topics of the original god, and said that they will always cherish the memories made in the original god.

There are too many heart-warming examples, and it can be seen that the existence of Genshin Impact has indeed brought unforgettable memories to many players. These memories may be a new and unforgettable friendship, a warm-up of family affection, or an epiphany of life philosophy after a chance encounter, but without exception, they are all precious experiences in the life of Yuanshen players. In addition to the game itself, it also brings a very warm game atmosphere to the players. I don’t know what unforgettable things have you experienced because of Yuanshen?