Genshin Impact Player Zero Krypton’s new account is full of stars in ten days, and the account that even Qiuqiu people can’t beat can actually go to the abyss, which is too heaven-defying

Every time the version is updated and the upper and lower half relays, the abyss will become a popular place and discussion topic for most players. Since each episode of Abyss will be closer to the content of the version in terms of Buff and level settings, players can play unexpected effects with different lineups in almost every update. However, every time the abyss rotates, some players will challenge the limit and choose to “go against the sky”. For example, recently, several players have not only cleared the level with Zero Krypton’s new account in ten days, but also saved a wave of “Pain” through their own strength.

The first is the Yuanshen player named “Dark”. Through his own operation and careful training of the character, he achieved the terrifying achievement of the new Zero Krypton Star Full of Stars in only ten days. Judging from the UID, the beginning of this account is 25, which means that the account has just been created. In the video, the player also doubled his email and first recharge to prove that the account is indeed a new account. And the abyss lineup he chose can be said to be relatively common. Except for the two five-star characters in version 3.1 extracted through the exploration of the big world, almost all of them are four-star characters that are relatively easy to obtain.

It is worth noting that among the 8 characters, only the top and bottom 3 main characters C Wendy, Sano, Jiuqi Ren who have reached level 90. It can be said that compared with other accounts with gorgeous training levels, the training of this account is very good. Appears to be rather mediocre. By observing the actual combat, it can be found that the player uses the four elements of wind, thunder, grass and water to form a team, mainly through the reaction of the elements to increase the damage, the value is not amazing, and the highest output is the damage that the main c Sai Nuo bursts out per second. It’s also around 6900, and overall it doesn’t seem to be unique.

But the unique thing is that Wendy, Kelai and Barbara, as auxiliary roles, have relatively fast charging efficiency, and Sino is also a very “youthful” leader, with high-frequency elemental responses With the player’s control over positioning, gathering monsters, blooming, and spreading reactions, the first half of the first room on the 12th floor only took one minute.

The most exciting is the lower half of the 12th floor. The player’s team is very civilian, similar to the first half of the team, and still focuses on the blooming and intensifying reaction of thundergrass water. The combination of Jiuqi Ren, Ying, Xingqiu and Candice is not weak in the face of the new BOSS semi-eternal domination matrix. In the reaction, the highest grass damage in a single stage has reached more than 33,000. Through high-frequency lightning and water coordinated operations, The BOSS’s health bar drops rapidly, and finally achieves the effect of full star clearance.

I have to say that the Yuanshen player is very familiar with the reaction system of grass elements, both the frequency of the reaction and the timing of skill release are amazing, so he can clear such a civilian zero krypton new account within ten days. Coincidentally, another player started the “Pain” and helped a player who was level 40 but couldn’t beat the Qiuqiu people to launch a charging horn into the abyss.

The thing is, there is a player who likes Shenli Ayaka very much and has reached level 40, but due to insufficient training, he can’t even beat the Qiuqiu people in his own world. He found a Yuanshen anchor and made a wish that he only wanted a 3-star Dawn Sword to increase his critical strike rate, but the anchor “send Buddha to the west”, not only helping him to the unexplored abyss He took a step and reached the 4th floor. He also helped him defeat the monsters in the big world and got a certain income on the account. Even at the end, the novice training mode was directly turned on, and the one-stop service for catching crystal butterflies and opening maps was extremely considerate.

Of course, in addition to having amazing willpower and skills in challenging the limits of combat, Genshin Impact players are also very active in helping Mengxin fight the abyss. In almost every update, Genshin Impact will use various civilian lineups to guide players through operations and skills to clear the abyss and pursue the achievements and heights they want.

In version 3.1, the intensified reaction team can be said to be a hot team, and in the exploration of the big world, there are also extreme examples such as the use of one blood Diluc, pure dragon slash and no injury to clear the sword ghost. If you are also a player who is keen on Yuanshen fighting, you may wish to join these enthusiastic players to shine and shine in the wonderful system built by Yuanshen!