Genshin Impact: Is Nilu the favorite of the XP Party, or is it the new favorite of the Strength Party?

After watching the current version of Nilu’s plot, I believe that many XP players have brought this lovely lady home, right? However, it is limited to the XP party. This time Nilu’s running water may form a sharp contrast with Nilu’s popularity.

As we all know, Nilu gained a lot of fans when she broke the news more than half a year ago, and even the avatar of a certain bar was changed from “ba pet” to Nilu, one can imagine Nilu’s popularity. What is the reason for the unsatisfactory flow of Nilu?


Intensity should be the biggest factor in a character’s flow. Generally, the characters with strong strength are often very good. For example, “Empress of the Night”, modeling has been criticized by players, but the flow of Yelanka pool is extremely high, and many players regret not giving Yelan a life seat and special martial arts. . There is also Thor, this character with both appearance and strength has a running record, and it is estimated that it will not be broken in a short time.

On the other hand, Nilu was “jokingly” called G before she appeared on the stage. If she is in water, it will not hurt. Nilu’s direct damage is really too low, and her reaction damage isn’t as high as she imagined, so it’s okay as a tool, but taking on the team’s output has a certain amount of pressure.

Nilu relied on special martial arts, but the improvement of her life seat was not so great. Nilu’s special martial arts can provide her with a lot of life, and in the life seat, only two lives are very powerful, and the direct damage provided by full life does not seem to be considerable at present.

Team up

The role of Nilu is not a fixed role, but a fixed element. Nilu can only be in a team with two elements of water and grass, usually two water and two grass, otherwise one more and one less element will be in short supply.

This is the first time I have seen such an outrageous talent. The ultimate move could have been nuclear explosion, and there is another way out for full life. Now that the multiplier has been cut, Nilu can only use the blooming flow, but the slow damage is really a big problem.

Nilu’s temporary team is Kelaijia grass master plus another water. This team is a proper T1 team (without gathering monsters, it will never reach the height of the wind system), but there is almost no ability to fight against one another. The single-blooded boss can’t “scrape” at all. Not to mention monsters with “ADHD”, two characters who are drawn into prisons can’t deal with these at all.

Nilu can also look forward to one-handed grass gods in the near future, but her skills are not very suitable for Nilu, on the contrary, Sinon, who is considered to be the “Gaofeng Zhiguan”, is more suitable. Having said that, it’s not the injury that Sino has been criticized for, but the lack of injury to Nilu.


There shouldn’t be much to say about this. Nilu is easily targeted by the environment. In other words, Nilu is a character who is greatly affected by the environment.

The fixed team of aquatic plants means that the shield cannot be broken. The teammates who draw the dungeon as a prison and her own problems make it difficult for Nilu to deal with “ADHD”. There is no one-on-one ability, you can’t beat a single boss, and you can’t deal with scattered monsters without gathering monsters.

In short, Nilu’s new system is not better than the old lineup, and even worse than the previous strong lineup in many places, perhaps this is why many players are watching. However, the upcoming grass god may “raise a hand”, and I can only hope that Nilu’s status will change after this~