Genshin Impact: How to match Zhongli’s equipment? Yuanshen Zhongli’s holy relics are recommended to be matched, which will help him return to the throne of the emperor from now on.

Recommended plan 1: 4-piece royal family set

It is especially suitable for characters like Zhong Li who cut the main C output after releasing the ultimate move. It can increase the attack power of the whole team by 20%. Assuming that you already have 4 clan support characters in your team, you can choose option 2 at this time.

Recommended plan 2: Panyan 2 + Imperial Family 2

15% increased rock damage and 20% increased elemental burst damage.

Recommended plan 3: Panyan 4-piece set

The effect of Panyan 4 is to increase the element damage bonus of all characters in the team by 35% when obtaining the crystal formed by the crystal reaction. Crystal reaction, pick up wafers to achieve the effect of increasing elemental damage, currently Zhongli is very suitable for the 4-piece set of Panyan.

Yuanshen Zhongli Sacred Relic Entry Recommendation

For the main entry, Sands of Time, it is recommended to choose a percentage of health bonus; for Zhongli’s own output efficiency, the empty cup can choose the rock element damage bonus, and the crown of reason can choose the crit rate/crit damage; And if you need more damage absorption of Yuzhang Shield, Empty Cup and Crown of Reason can also choose health bonus.

Yuanshen Zhongli Sacred Relic Combination Recommendation

The match is as follows:

1. The first set of Yuanshen 2.3 Zhongli Sacred Relic is recommended by Qianyan Solid. This Sacred Relic suit is mainly recommended for those who use Zhongli as a background assistant. This set of Sacred Relics can increase the attack and shield of the characters in the lineup , a holy relic suit that is very easy to use in the background, and it will have better effects with characters that continue to attack.

2. Yuanshen 2.3 Zhongli Sacred Relic The second set recommends the Panyan set. This set of sacred relics mainly improves Zhongli’s output. Therefore, it is recommended that Zhongli play the damage team. If you do not play the output, it is recommended to choose Qianyan or mix and match. 2+2.

Character Features

The small pillar of Zhongli’s E skill will continue to generate the area damage of the rock element with the star of the rock master. Every time the rock master uses the barren star skill after 10 seconds, it will detonate the last barren star and cause damage! That is to say, after having 3 rock attribute summons on the field, the rock master will cause twice the skill damage every time he summons the barren star!

The CD of Zhongli’s shield is only 12 seconds, which means twice the efficiency of the maid’s shield. In actual combat, you can’t be beaten by the blame for 12 seconds. In addition, if you use the invincibility frame of other characters’ Q skills to avoid some high-damage skills, it can be said that Zhongli’s shield should not be a problem for the whole process.

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