Genshin Impact: How do you match the characters? Which roles can be preferred, and lineup recommendations

1. The choice of the main c role

Generally speaking, in many cases, the main c is your favorite character. Once the center is set, the team will be matched around the main c.

Here we recommend characters with high output and high instantaneous bursts, or the characters that you want to cultivate the most and plan to play for the longest time.

(Of course, if you want to have a more prominent damage ability, it is not recommended to choose the windy/rock series characters in the team. As for the reason, I will talk about it below.

Except for the first picture of the protagonist Kong/Ying, although the first picture is of Fengyan attribute, it will be a panacea in the future. It is foreseeable that any attribute will be available, so manpower is necessary. The wind-type scorpion has performed outstandingly before, and its single output ability is not bad, so it can form a team of its own. )

Also like Diluc, Chongyun, Fischer, Qin.

For the main physics team, Xiangling, Ningguang, Chongyun, and Barbara.

2. The choice of sub-c role

A character with continuous additional elemental skills can trigger “elemental reaction” with the main c element, and contains “domain type” or “protection type”.

For example, “domain class”:

Chongyun-Spirit Blade · Chonghua Folding Frost.

And the “protective class”:

Hokuto-Kurei, Kaia-Rinning Rondo.

There are also “big tricks”:

Lisa-Rose’s Lightning, etc.

Attached picture: Beidou-Xie Lei, the Mage character can also trigger the effect

The choice of supplementary roles

A supplementary attack method that distinguishes the primary and secondary c.

1. Type of attack

If the primary and secondary are close combat,

It is recommended to choose a long-range character, Xiaogong , which can improve the combat space and increase the exploration efficiency under special combat conditions. You can choose a mage or an archer.

If there is a remote in the primary and secondary,

Then you can choose a more supportive role to supplement, strengthen the damage or increase the survival (refer to the next article).

2. Element Type

Improve team revenue through other different elemental roles, such as

a. Enhance defense and select rock series.

b. Fight monsters, trigger monster gathering or “diffusion” to increase the range of elements and select the wind system.

c. Optimize the control, choose according to the existing characters, water or ice.

3. Further increase the damage

You can choose additional characters with summoning skills.

In particular, two characters suitable for summoning flow: Fischer and Xiangling. (everyone knows it)

(At present, due to the long cooldown time of Fischer’s Oz in the early stage, it is not suitable for summoning the mainstream team. But it is still possible to supplement it)

Pictured: Summoning Liuxiangling, Chongyun, Fischer, Barbara

4. Milk supplement, strengthen the team’s survivability and endurance, and those with insufficient resources can stay in the last training.

If the above four character elements are all different, you can face more combat environments and allocate breakthrough materials more reasonably.

Ok, that’s all for today’s content, see you next time