Genshin Impact: 3 Most Underrated 4-Star Characters! How strong can Kaia be full of life?

On the top, there is the full life Youla slashing the mountains and seas with one knife, and the rain curtain sword of Qiuqiu people evaporates everywhere. When it comes to the high-playing and powerful characters in Genshin Impact, whether they are four-star or five-star, everyone here must be able to report to a large group; while the rest seem to be not very popular – not only the spiral debut The rate is low, and even the hoeing team has no place for them. So are these characters really that hard to use? Is there still some gold in this that has not yet shone? Let’s chat today~!

NO.1: Kaia

As a member of the Yuanshen Zhongyu’s three families, Kaia’s abilities are mostly used for rectification, and after a long time, he has gained a good name – the True Monarch Ningbing Crossing the Sea. In addition, we often see Kaia in the new character demo levels, and sometimes I even think this guy is quite useful. I have to say that Kaia does have a unique ability to hang ice, and with the effects of the second and sixth life seats, it can basically be seamlessly connected to the entire ice cone.

However, it is a pity that while strengthening Kaia, the zodiac mechanism has also become a threshold for travelers to cultivate Kaia. As we all know, the life seat of the three royal family characters can only be drawn in the permanent pool, but when there is a shortage of original stones and limited characters/weapons are difficult to draw, how many people are willing to throw stones into the permanent pool? What about scooping up a 4-star character’s zodiac sign? As a result, many players gave up on the way of cultivating Kaia, and only hoped that Yuanshen could open up more channels for the acquisition of the three characters of the Royal Family, so as to satisfy a dream of kitchen power players.

NO.2: Rosalia

“Rosalia debuts!” Of course, Rosalia here is not the pink hair in Honkai Impact 3, but a ruthless nun who has been weakened twice. The so-called two nerfs, the first is on the white slime, and the second is in terms of clothing. Although the new skin is not bad, but after thinking about it, it is still good in the past.

At this time, let’s bring the topic back to the strength of the character itself. Although Rosalia’s damage is quite average, the auxiliary ability is still online. Its talent [Darkness of Secret Support] can increase the critical strike rate of all characters in the team by 15% of Rosalia’s own critical strike rate. In addition, its sixth life seat [Representative Judge] can also reduce the physical resistance of enemies on the field by 20% within 10 seconds after the release of the ultimate move. In this case, it may be a good choice for us to use her to assist Yula, and it would be even better to bring a Bennett to enlarge.

NO.3: Noelle

Tivat’s strongest maid! The nemesis of the deep spiral group monsters! The King of Rocks, Ginoel! Noelle is still my favorite character to this day, not only because of her character/modeling, but also because of her strength. Noelle with five lives was obedient, and Noelle with full lives attacked directly in the form of Gundam.

That’s right, Noelle’s full life effect is too powerful. While increasing the attack according to the 50% defense point, he can also extend the duration of the ultimate move by killing the enemy. As a result, some seemingly useless holy relics became Noelle’s treasures – “I heard that the traveler has released a defensive holy relic again? Then give it to me!”. He took a full essence [Chibone Sword], wore a defensive sacred relic, and swept the audience with a big move. Zhong Li nodded when he saw it – as expected, our rock system talents are born in large numbers.

Although the abyss usage rate of the above three characters is not high, and few people usually use them, they are still remarkable in terms of functionality/damage. So at the end of the article, what other unpopular four-star characters do you think still have room for development? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below and chat with other travelers~!