Genshin Impact: 3.3 to 3.6 information summary, Nilu also has a new holy relic, Haige will be implemented in 3.4 ahead of time

The big news for travelers is coming. Just yesterday, my uncle directly disclosed the information of version 3.3 to 3.6. First of all, the first half of 3.3 will be skirmishers and Falushan. After the E skill, the basic attack damage is increased every second, up to ten layers.

At the same time, there are two sets of new holy relics, one is called the flower god set, which is related to the blooming reaction. The other set is called the Gul set, which is related to attack speed. The two-piece set increases wind damage. The effect is to increase the attack speed after hitting the enemy with a heavy hit, and increase the damage of the normal attack and heavy hit drop attack. It is suitable for skirmishers. Theme The event will reward a four-star one-handed sword at the Rice Wife Club, and the proficiency adverb entry seems to fit Nilu.

Then it is more unexpected that in 3.4, in addition to Yaoyao, Haige will be directly installed in advance. At the same time, there are new desert maps and sandworm BOSS, the level cap of the Dream Tree is unlocked to level 40, and Ling Huasha’s skin will also be Arrive as promised. 3.5 As I said before, I will UP Disia and Mika, and give Falushan’s invitation.

In addition, 3.6 will implement Baizhu and the new character Blind, perform Layla’s invitation quest, improve the last map of the desert, and unlock the upper limit of the tree of dreams to level 50, bringing an end to Xumi.

​Finally, there is the news of Fontaine 4.0. Before leaving, my uncle mentioned that Mihayou is developing a diving system and underwater exploration. It seems that there is really an underwater map! I feel that this revelation is a bit too outrageous, and I just finished the content of the next six months. I don’t know if everyone is a little confused like me after reading it.