Genshin Impact 3.2 Preview Program Summary, Men’s Romance Gundam is here, and the new activities are full of rectification

I have already had a trip. Therefore, you have to reach the end like me, so that you can leave the precipitation of this world in your own eyes. Hello everyone, I’m boyue, thank you for opening this Genshin game article. Boyue will often share some Yuanshen information and strategies with everyone. I hope everyone can defeat Tianli and rush out of Tivat as soon as possible.

After reading the preview of Genshin Impact 3.2, I am still very excited. The main line of the Xumi chapter has come to an end, and I finally have to face the skirmishers that I haven’t seen for a long time. Looking at the super cool Gundam, I can only say that it is still very romantic for everyone in the Academy. Well. Then the new event is also quite interesting. It is considered that the Pokémon system has been implemented. I hope it can be implemented during the non-event period.

In addition to this, the official way of using the skills and characteristics of each character to make a living has also been integrated into the event, and the Liben brothers are also back, which is gratifying. Let’s take a look at it in detail below~

Version 3.2 Demon Mission

I won’t talk about other plots, but let’s talk about the two key points about the devil mission in this preview.

The truth of the world : One was learned from the doctor’s mouth, the “truth” of the world concealed under the World Tree. This should be related to the “false sky” mentioned by the skirmishers in the Star Extinguishing event a long time ago. This time Xumi The main story is likely to tell the player the truth about the existence of the world of Tivat.

Skirmisher : The other is naturally handsome and explosive Skirmish Gundam. It has a variety of elemental attack methods, and the skills are equally cool. Different stages will have different shapes. Sure enough, a real man should drive a Gundam. The child still has a lot of dreams, and I believe that it will be very gratifying to like to do other hand-made movies .

This time, the battle with the skirmishers has a lot of tricks, and a cute little assistant is also used to suppress the firepower. The sword fight is not a dream.

Version 3.2 card pool

The first half of the card pool : Next is the card pool that everyone is very concerned about. The first half is Naxida and Xiaogong. This time, the re-engraving of Xiaogong can be said to be very fast, but it is stuck at a tragic point again. , Basically, most players will only go to draw Naxida, and Sister Xiaogong will definitely next time.

The second half of Kachi (I feel like I want to poke Tinari’s ear after the screenshot) : Lord God Son has finally re-engraved, and with Naxida, she has also ushered in a real future. Finally came to join in the fun, with the new 4-star character Layla.

New 5-star weapon : The new weapon of version 3.2 is obviously used by Naxida, and the shape is also in line with Xumi’s design, but I don’t know if I can make a lamp spirit.


e-skill : Nacida’s e-skill can not only take pictures (cross out) and fight monsters, but also directly collect various fruits and vegetables during non-combat. It is definitely the best companion for field trips.

Q skill : Summons a super gorgeous and large palace, everyone can do whatever they want in the palace (cross out) to fight, the thunder element can reduce the “destruction of the three karma” cd, and the fire element increases the damage of the “destruction of the three karma” , the water element increases the duration of the q skill, and then double thunder, double fire and double water will further enhance the effect.

All in all, Naxida is a super strong character, and she also has a good output chain skills, anyway, it is determined.


e skill : Summons a sleeping beauty shield, which can be given to teammates. When teammates use e skill, they can add “evening star” to the shield. This “evening star” can not only increase the shield’s potency, but also fly out when the shield ends. Attack the enemy.

Q skill : will summon a light ball, which can not only attack the enemy, but also help accumulate “evening stars”.

It is obvious that he is an off-hand backstage auxiliary ice-hanging player. He can also output on the shield and has a wide range of applicability. Boyue, what I care more about is her ability to sleepwalk and solve problems. It’s not too cool. Gan Yu has to call her an expert when she sees it. Isn’t this a perfect 007 !

Version 3.2 Events

Smart and Smart Mushroom Competition : I don’t know if it was Yuanshen’s plan to see boyue. I prayed before. This time I can really play Pokemon-like gameplay in Yuanshen. Seeing the shadow of Arceus in the legend of Pokémon, there are many Pokémon fans in the plan.

I love this event boyue too much. It can be caught or cultivated freely and then fight. It is a pity that it can only be played during the event .

Adventurer’s Trial : I deeply suspect that this activity boyue was planned after watching various videos of the whole life, especially the one who used a light-condensing barrier to make a tennis court.

In this activity, players can use the skills and characteristics of each character to perform rectification operations, such as Keli blowing the ball into the door, etc. This kind of activity feels like it can be done more.

Phaseless Symphonic Poems : Next is the familiar old activities and new members, and Phaseless Grass has finally joined this big family, and it will be a lot of fun at that time.

In addition, it is the photo activity and the good brother who have appeared before the wife of rice.

Dust Song Pot

Introduction : This is an epic optimization of the Chensong Kettle. Although the load is still the same, you can directly copy the works of other big players of the original pot! It’s just a gospel for lazy people, I’m coming for an aircraft carrier.


In general, there is a lot of content waiting for you in the 3.2 version this time. Whether it is the plot, gameplay or new characters, you are full of expectations. Don’t forget the redemption code for the last 300 original stones. The deadline is before 12:00 on the 24th. !


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