Genshin Impact 3.2 dominates the global list, Sony wins? Reuters: Microsoft is stimulated to invest in national tourism

The plot trend of the 3.1 version of “Genshin Impact” has made countless players worried, and the urge to smash the churchyard is almost unbearable, which has also raised the expectations of players around the world for the 3.2 version.

The just-concluded “Genshin Impact” 3.2 preview live broadcast not only attracted the attention of Chinese players, but also attracted nearly one million overseas players to cross the time difference to understand the content of the new version on twitch and YouTube, the mainstream game live broadcast platforms overseas.

At the same time, through this preview live broadcast, “Yuan Shen” has once again appeared on the Twitter hot list that can best reflect the global hot trend. Today’s “Yuan Shen” can be said to be a frequent visitor to the hot list, which is enough to see the popularity of the game. high.

“Genshin Impact” is a multi-platform work, and the console version is exclusive to PlayStation. With the popularity of the game rising, Sony, which has already reached a cooperation with Mihayou, can be said to gain both fame and fortune. However, several are happy and some are sad. In the face of Sony, which has already won, Microsoft can say that the bowels of regret are green.

Daniel Ahmed, a senior analyst from research firm Niko Partners, said that the production level of Chinese games is now comparable to that of big-production games in overseas markets. The development tools used by Chinese game development teams are gradually being standardized, and the development process is becoming more innovative and efficient, all of which have given Chinese games a unique competitive advantage in the global market.

Let’s take “Yuan Shen” as an example. Since its launch, it has been continuously updated with a large version every six weeks. The new characters added in each version are supported by a rich story, allowing players to play in the game. Each storyline experience is very full. And the width and breadth of the world in the game are further expanded with the change of versions, and the dimensions that players can explore are more abundant. All of this relies on the stable R&D process and strong technical strength of the production team.

The popularity of “Yuan Shen” has brought new dividends and opportunities to the domestic game industry, which may not be expected by everyone. It will undoubtedly have a very positive impact on the domestic game industry. Many netizens said that “Yuan Shen” is really like a teammate of God. Do you agree with this statement in front of the screen?