Genshin Impact: 3.0 main storyline, why is the main body of the dream Nilu? What is the writer’s intention?

From the perspective of the pool, Nilu is a new five-star after 3.0, and she definitely has to show her face. Then, Sano is a desert area and cannot appear in Xumi Rainforest for the time being, so Nilu can only be selected as the core of the whole plot.

This thing doesn’t have so many twists and turns, just because it has to lift the pool… It’s just that I happened to choose such a plot, so I pulled her into the main body of the dream, and then gave you a trick to make you think it was Dinaze Dai Zhi, it turned out that the foreshadowing had already been laid and was discovered at the last minute. This is the existing design and then the plot was posted, and then a series of layouts were made around the identity of the dancer.

But from the player’s point of view, it is “I searched hard for a circle, and it turned out to be you!”

For example, why did Wanye and Keli have Wanye and Keli in the previous Inawife event?? It is because the next pond will be re-engraved soon, so there is a wave of plots ahead. In fact, do the plots have to have Wanye and Keli? No, without these two, it makes sense to replace them with others.

Moreover, Nilu has her own dancer’s pomp, and when it is finally solved, she can give you a grand performance, just like the Xiaogong mission, which is like setting off a firework for you at the end, just to impress you.

Is it possible that only Nilu can dream in the entire adult Xumi, because only she understands that “dream is a symbol of the grass god”, not “not dreaming is a symbol of wisdom”. The dreamer is in the dream Omnipotent, when you think you can’t dream, it’s like someone else’s dream when a traveler goes, there is a dream, but there is nothing in it.

Dreams need to be repeated to harvest, so the owner of the dream must have the will or subconsciously hope that the dream will continue.

In the real world, the Flower God Festival actually ended in regret. As the organizer of the Flower God Festival, Nero must be unwilling. I hope that the Flower God Festival can end perfectly, and there is a prerequisite for dreaming. When the flower god’s birthday festival in the dream ended with regret once again, it fell into a cycle, and kept repeating the flower god’s birthday festival, looking forward to the perfect ending next time.

When you think of the celebration of the Flower God’s Birthday, who is the first person you think of? Is it the C-position and organizer of the entire stage? That’s it. After deducing the conclusion in the dream, I was the first It was Neal that came to mind.

I think the reasons for choosing her are:

1. Except for her own people, she has the lowest probability of going out of the city, and the distance from the city center is the most stable. So the scene rendering pressure is minimal. After all, as soon as you leave the city, you will be dropped into other dreams.

Because Nilu is the most hated person by the sages, other people’s dreams are to be harvested and used as some kind of resource, while Nilu’s dreams are used as containers. Place the consciousness of the original owner of other dreams

From the words of the sages, “You should celebrate the birth of the gods”, it is reasonable to speculate that they want to create gods or resurrect the Great Mercy Tree King, and they do not want Nilu, the spiritual leader’s heresy consciousness, to sully this “sacred” ceremony. The characters in the card pool are above everything else, and the main plot is to show these characters and then sell them.

Therefore, the owner of the dream must be Nilu, who has entered the card pool but has not many plots ahead, otherwise, there will be no chance for Nilu to dance and attract attention in the plot.

A tool person like Dina Zedai who doesn’t enter the card pool is actually not important to Missan. She is only the point in the plot to inspire empathy among players. Missang won’t even give a good face modeling. she.

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