“Gatling” fireworks became popular, some netizens made their own? fire emergency alert

This year, the Internet celebrity fireworks “Gatling”

It is loved by many people because of its cool discharge effect

However, with the “Gatling” fireworks in short supply

Some netizens choose to do it themselves

Assembling a simple version of “Gatling” fireworks

Also share tutorials online

Homemade “Gatling”? Not reliable!

Zhang Mingfu, Vice President of Liuyang Fireworks and Firecrackers Federation

strongly opposed

Because the production of fireworks and firecrackers has qualification requirements

Standardized production can ensure safety

He advises consumers to go to regular stores to buy fireworks

Zhang Mingfu said,

“‘Gatling’ fireworks can generally be set off for more than a minute,

666, 888, 1088 on the outer packaging of the product

It does not refer to the number of fireworks,

but the codes for different models of ‘Gatling’ fireworks,

Every ‘Gatling’

Ignition lead, firing rhythm and timing

It’s all by design. “

Zhang Mingfu further explained, “This kind of bead-throwing fireworks

We are also very afraid of consumers hurting their eyes,

For example, the fireworks are not over yet,

Consumers thought it was over,

Eyes on the fireworks tube,

Fireworks may hurt your eyes. “

How powerful is “Gatling”?

On January 25, the National Fire and Rescue Bureau released a video

Firefighters test the effect of “Gatling” discharge

Experiments show

When the fireworks go off

When on combustibles several meters away

Objects can be ignited instantly

The experimenters found

“Gatling” has a range of nearly 40 meters

During hand-held firing

There will be a lot of fireworks residue splashing down

Risk of splashing in eyes

after fireworks

The temperature of the ignition port is still above 240°C

risk of burns

The experimenters also pointed out

Fireworks are marked “Do not hold”

Fire Department Reminder:

To set off fireworks and firecrackers, you must purchase qualified products

Comply with safe discharge regulations

to the designated place to ignite

when setting off fireworks

Be sure to choose an outdoor open area

Children need to be accompanied by parents

Comprehensive: China Fire Weibo, CNR.com

Source: Zhejiang News